10 Simple Steps To Killing Stress!

Stress is a normal aspect of most of our lives that most of us can’t get around. Stress can also dramatically impact our health if it’s constant or prolonged (fight or flight). Rather than eliminating stress from our lives, the important thing is to find ways to manage stress effectively. The following are some simple […]

How to Get Abundantly Healthy

The Science of Wellness Made Easy. Where do we start? Well, there is no secret to health, but there is a science behind it. I’m a scientist by trade, so when someone asks me what they need to do to unlock optimal health,  I always know how to respond. The answer is actually quite easy. […]

How to Lose Weight and Have Less Sugar Cravings

There are many reasons why we crave the sinful sugar. A typical health warrior’s creed is to fight off sugar in any arena. It is counterproductive and undermines your weight loss efforts. But not to discount sugar’s feel-good qualities, those tiny pockets of sweet bliss at times can take turns as your worst enemy and […]

Meditation And The Wonders It Does For Your Health

Why should you meditate? Meditation is the practice of narrowing your attention to a certain point of reference. This relaxation technique not only reduces stress  but has also been shown to lower blood pressure and boost the immune system. There are many ways to meditate, each with varying effects on the brain. Focused attention and open monitoring […]

5 Stress-Busting Strategies

Numerous studies have shown that stress contributes to many of the most prevalent diseases and conditions. Various ailments such as heart disease, cancer, allergies, digestive problems, ulcers, diabetes, anxiety, depression and other psychological conditions have all been linked to the effects of stress. What we consider stressful varies from day to day, moment to moment, […]

The 6 Simplest Ways to Improve Sleep Quality

How you feel throughout each day greatly depends on your sleep. If you’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately, perhaps the solution is a good night’s rest. However, quality sleep can sometimes be elusive, depending on a multitude of factors, such as family responsibilities, work deadlines and unexpected obstacles like illness and relationship […]

3 Secrets To Anti-Aging!

Do you have the desire to live healthy? Do you have the desire to live a good life with lots of energy? Do you have the desire to feel and look young as you continue to age? Yes? Well this one’s for you! #1 REDUCE THE CALORIES The number one secret to living longer, healthier […]

The 5 Most Dangerous Mistakes When Choosing Your Family Doctor

We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it again here. Is your family doctor in the sickness industry or the health industry? If they’re good at what they do they’re in both, which they understand. Your doctor should be there to influence you in both sickness and in health. Be cautious of who […]

Sick Care VS Health Care – Who Do I See?

How important is your health and your family’s health to you? Of course, most people would reply with confirmation that it’s very important. Some may even reply with confirmation, that their family’s health is one of their absolute highest priorities. The question is, have you a plan? Where’s your plan for your family’s lifetime wellness? […]

Express Your Uniqueness

What makes someone reluctant to express their uniqueness? I can think of a few good answers, but the one that truly applies to most people is the environment they grow up in. Unfortunately, many of us are shaped by a society that limits the way we think, talk and act. The conditioning of most people is responsible […]