We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it again here. Is your family doctor in the sickness industry or the health industry? If they’re good at what they do they’re in both, which they understand. Your doctor should be there to influence you in both sickness and in health. Be cautious of who you choose to govern and influence you and your family. Look out for the following warning signs:

1. A Doctor That Clearly Doesn’t Take Care Of Themselves
You wouldn’t take advice from a dentist with bad teeth, a dermatologist with bad skin, or an unfit personal trainer. We expect the tennis coach to be able to play tennis, and the makeup artist to present themselves with professional makeup. Why are doctors any different. In fact we should be even more stringent when choosing a doctor that practices what they preach; for our health and our families health is of highest priority.

2. A Doctor Treating Symptoms Instead Of Problems
Whilst symptoms are important in medical science, they’re important because they direct us to the cause of issue. Without treating the cause, doctors simply ‘mask the madness’ and ultimately place you and your family in greater danger and predisposition to more disease.

3. A ‘Know It All’ That Doesn’t Refer to Other Health Care Professionals and Specialists
No one can know everything or specialise in every field of medical practice. Case closed.

4. A Doctor Happy to Write a Prescription for Anything
A doctor more than too happy to write a prescription for anything doesn’t have your wellbeing at heart. Is your doctor a sales rep or the professional leading you to vitality?

5. A Doctor Who Doesn’t Care Enough
Does your doctor really care about your well being or are they more than happy to write you a quick prescription to get you out the door faster? Next time you’re in ask them some simple questions; ‘would you offer the same advice to your daughter, your mother, father or neighbour?’ Next step; listen but watch.

Whilst the answers to these warning signs may surprise you, they’ll tell you everything you need to know about your family doctor.