Dr Espen is a Researcher of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics, Conscious Business Mentor, Philanthropist and Multi 7-Figure “SoulPreneur” teaching his clients how to use the power of their own Consciousness to turn Obstacles into Opportunities.

Dr Espen went from 2 broken legs and a near-death hospital infection to heal himself from the inside out, to become a personal development teacher, loving father, and a Master of all 8 Areas of Life.

As a sought-after Speaker, Conscious Business Consultant, and Quantum Coach, Dr Espen provides his students with the exact same tools and strategies he used to go from humble beginnings to becoming the co-founder and CEO of multiple 7-figure businesses while helping over 250,000 students worldwide reach their personal and professional potential.

Dr Espen’s signature event The Quantum Experience delivers you the same art, science, and application of Consciousness that has transformed the lives of clients in over 12 countries through Quantum Healing, Peak Performance, Freedom, Joy, Abundance, and Impact in all 8 Areas of Life.

Are you ready to Go Quantum?


“In essence, the absolute majority of who and what we are is what might be referred to as “non-physical Consciousness”. When we learn to expand our minds and open our hearts we can unlock some of the most powerful tools ever discovered”

Dr Espen Wold-Jensen


If You Were With Me Back In 2006 You Would Have Found A Young Norwegian Student In Melbourne, Australia With Two Broken Legs And A Life-Threatening Hospital Infection Waiting To Die, Until I Discovered The Quantum.

One day on my way to work as I was riding my 600cc motorbike, I came around a corner into a sharp turn (doing 95 kms per hour) – I remember it like it was yesterday… In order to make the turn smoothly I laid the bike down, geared down into second gear, then suddenly it happened! Just like a movie in slow motion, I lost control of the front wheel on gravel (lowsided), got flipped off the bike and thrown into the air. The next thing I remember is feeling a sharp pain in my spine before looking down and seeing blood everywhere. I remember seeing my right foot on my chest, with my right toes pointing out to the right shoulder thinking, “oh snap, this is not good!” After instructing some of the bystanders who had come to help if they could please squeeze my feet and toes, it quickly became evident that I had no feeling in my right leg or foot whatsoever… The thought of permanent paralysis came over me, but I managed to remain calm and focused. I wasn’t sure exactly why at the time, but deep down inside I was certain, that there was an empowering lesson in this too, somewhere…

When the ambulance finally came and stopped the bleeding, I immediately got rushed off to surgery where they implanted multiple pieces of metal rods, screws and pins into my body in attempt to put me back together. As fate would have it, due to the poor sanitation at the hospital at the time, I was left with a life-threatening iatrogenic (hospital induced) staph aureus bacterial infection in my broken legs and fractured pelvis. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s effectively a flesh eating bacterial infection that does not respond well to antibiotics (if at all). Yup, if you’re thinking “that’s not a good thing”, you are absolutely spot on! Following the multiple surgeries as well as battling the spreading bacterial infection, I spent the next 9 months in and out of hospitals and surgeries trying to recover my health through conventional medical treatment (consisting of high doses of intravenous broad spectrum antibiotics), poor nutrition and very limited lifestyle advice.

After doing extensive research it became evident that a commonly known problem with administering high doses of a broad spectrum antibiotic (in my experience) does not only kill the “bad bacteria” but it also kills the good ones – and a major part of our immune system comes from the healthy bacterial flora in our body and in our gut. So there I was laid up in the hospital with heavy amounts of drugs pumping into my veins as I was experiencing my health rapidly declining. After about 3 months of getting weaker, sicker and with less and less energy to recover and heal, I had lost over 15kgs (my normal body weight is 85 kg with less than 8% body fat), so you can begin to imagine what this treatment was doing to my body.

I remember one early Monday morning when the doctor came to see me with bad news. He stood over my bed and looked me deep in the eyes before he said, “Espen, your infection is spreading rapidly. You now have a 50/50 chance of losing your right leg from the hip and down, and if the infection continues, it may start attacking your internal organs” In that exact moment, similar to the feeling of calmness that came over me during my crash, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that if I was to recover my health, it had to be up to me, and me alone. I always say “If it is to be, it’s up to me” so I ripped the IV out of my arm in front of the doctor, left the hospital and decided to embark upon my own healing journey. And I am proud to say, that I have never looked back…

Using my 12 years of experience as a personal trainer, nutritionist, physical education teacher and wellness researcher at the time, I started fully applying the power of organic nutrition and Superfoods, meditation, essential nutrient supplementation, detox, prayer, mindset, and my daily exercise regime (when able) while falling in and out of consciousness. The following 3 weeks became the most intense period of my life. As I applied all the healing principles I now teach in my online programs, live events, as well as at the detox and healing retreats we run in tropical climates, I managed to beat the infection! I truly believe to this day, hands down, that if I had stayed in the hospital, I might not have been around to share this story with you today… Now, I would like to pass on this science, art and philosophy of selfhealing and personal power, to YOU! You see given the right circumstance, lifestyle, mindset, nutrition and supplements – Your body has an innate capacity to heal and regulate itself. Understanding this in itself, is truly transformational!

Everything you are about to learn, I have applied and used myself. There is not a single bit of advice, theory or science in the eBook that I have not either completed and tested on myself, or recommended to my family and loved ones. Having almost died, I learned the hard way, and I can assure you that the advice given, is based on experience, authenticity, as well as having been trailed and tested with extraordinary results. But remember, obtaining peak levels of health and vitality takes effort, patience, understanding and persistence and it might not be right for everyone. What you do with your life and health, is up to you… But, if you are ready to take your health and life to the next level – if you are ready to find out what really does work and what doesn’t work, then keep on reading… During the 3 week after leaving the hospital, I remember waking up in the middle of the night after experiencing a clear and vivid vision, that revealed to me what I now know in my heart to be my true purpose in life: To teach the world what it truly takes to be WELL, Empowered and to live a Healthy and Abundant life, and not just Survive, but fully Thrive! I believe we are spirits expressed through human form, not the other way around. If this is true, then we all deserve to express our spirit in a vibrantly healthy body and peak potential human form! I believe life is too short to be tired and sick, don’t you?

After graduating as a fully qualified Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) in 2009 (with previous degrees in DipPhysEd (Teaching), HIVE, BApp Sci and MClinChiro RMIT) I decided to put my knowledge and passion into action. This became the start of the Bonfire Health Group – now the largest hot yoga and well-being studios in Australasia. As The Bonfire Health Group expanded to eight multiple discipline health and wellness centres in the first five years (helping over 5000 people each week), I personally had the privilege of caring for and consulting over 10,000 patients and clients prior to my retirement from clinical practice in 2015. I now spend my time travelling the world speaking, researching and teaching the science, art and philosophy of wellness, longevity, detox, weight loss, muscle and fitness, personal power and personal development, mindset, spirituality as well as the powerful principles of business and wealth mastery – (for those who want to take their business and finance, to a whole new level).