Helping over 250,000 students worldwide reach their personal and professional potential.

Dr Espen Wold-Jensen is a researcher in Neuroscience and
Quantum Physics, a Conscious Business Mentor and a Multi 7-Figure ‘SoulPreneur’ who teaches his clients how to use the power of their own consciousness to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Dr Espen went from having two broken legs and nearly succumbing to a hospital infection to healing himself from the inside out. He has since become a personal development teacher, loving father, and master of all 8 areas of life.

As a sought-after Speaker, Conscious Business Consultant, and Quantum Coach, Dr Espen provides his students with the same tools and strategies he used to transition from humble beginnings to becoming the co-founder and CEO of multiple 7-figure businesses. He has helped over 250,000 students worldwide reach their personal and professional potential.

Dr Espen’s signature event, the Quantum Experience, delivers the same art, science, and application of consciousness that has transformed the lives of clients in over 12 countries through Quantum.



In the heart of Melbourne, back in 2006, I was a young Norwegian student embracing the vibrancy of life in Australia. Each day held the promise of new adventures and learnings—until one fateful turn on my motorbike changed everything.

My passion for the freedom and thrill of riding was undeniable. It was a crisp morning when I set out on my 600cc motorbike, the engine’s hum a familiar comfort. The roads of Melbourne, once avenues of exploration, suddenly became the backdrop of my life’s most challenging moment. Approaching a sharp bend at a speed of 95 km/h, I was confident, and experienced, but the unexpected presence of gravel on the road set off a catastrophic chain of events.

In an instant, the world slowed down, as if giving me a front-row seat to my impending fate. The bike slid, and I was propelled into the air, a surreal moment where time seemed to stand still. The impact was inevitable; the pain, indescribable. Lying there, the cold asphalt beneath me, I was acutely aware of the gravity of my injuries as I saw my body contorted in ways it was never meant to be.

Join Dr Espen and guest experts from all over the world and deep-dive into Consciousness as you learn how to use Quantum Science and the newest in Personal Development for a Quantum Upgrade in not just one, but in all the 8 areas of your life. Dr Espen Podcast is committed to guiding you through a journey of self-awareness and improvement, delivering an impactful and transformational experience while helping you realize the power of your own consciousness so you can turn obstacles into opportunities.