Let’s talk financial abundance and the Contribution Concept. Two topics many see as conflicting. Are they really though?

The dictionary defines abundance as simply a large quantity of something. So in this case a large quantity of money. The Contribution Concept? Combining the human needs of growth and connection to influence other people and the world at large. It suggests that if we are active in contributing to other individuals and groups according to our highest values rather than just ‘belonging’ we increase our connection and sense of identity.

Can we not be financially abundant and still contribute to the world then? Is this impossible? Or do people only believe it to be immoral, or spiritually compromising? More so spiritually compromising is living in incongruency. With values in confliction. Money is simply a means to fair exchange. It’s simply the by-product of the contribution or service rendered to your community. The greater your service the more abundant your return, promoting even more contribution. ‘Do you really feel you’re contributing to the world through your product or service, or is it uninspiring to you? Is it harmful to the world or does it compromise your values?’ These are the questions you should be asking yourself. Not, ‘am I wrong to be profiting from my service to the world.’ Money is simply the means to fair exchange, neither evil nor good; inanimate. A soul in confliction, well that’s life-threatening. We encourage you to change. We encourage you to make money and go to heaven at the same time.