The Science of Wellness Made Easy.

Where do we start? Well, there is no secret to health, but there is a science behind it. I’m a scientist by trade, so when someone asks me what they need to do to unlock optimal health,  I always know how to respond.

The answer is actually quite easy. Beyond the nitty-gritty, health is a simple equation. Let’s start by looking at it on a scale of zero to one-hundred. Zero basically means you are no longer alive and have 0% health. On the other hand, one-hundred means you are as physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and chemically healthy as you could ever become. This is what I like to call the Timeline of Health. You have to figure out where you are on this timeline.

Now, I’m not saying you should write down where you think you are based solely on how you feel. You can still actually feel fantastic even if you have severe health conditions like heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Health is not just about how you feel; it has more to do with how well you function. If everything in your body functions at 100%, you cannot be sick.

You need someone who can help you determine and measure where you stand on the timeline. I always say that every single thing in our life – no matter how trivial it may seem – can move us closer to optimal health or farther away from it. That’s how powerful your thoughts, words, and actions are.

If I indulge in processed foods, worry about my problems, and act incongruently with my highest values over and over again, I will gradually move away from optimal health and become closer to disease. So I have to do the exact opposite of those things. I need to eat whole foods, pay more attention to the everything that makes my life amazing, and make a decision that moves me closer to the fulfillment of my highest values. I need to take a step in the right direction towards 100%. How? I have to become more conscious.

We don’t have to think about 85% of what we think, do and say. That needs to change. You have to be more conscious of your values, beliefs, behaviors, actions, and habits. Analyze them and find out which ones move you towards health and which ones you should break. Only then can you start to consistently make healthier choices.

No matter how old you are, it is possible to become ten times healthier in one year than you are now. You just have to be more conscious in your journey and keep measuring your progress. Find your lifetime wellness coach, who will guide you through every step of the way, so you can enjoy an abundance of health!

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  1. I choose to be healthy! So first thing tomorrow, I’m going to look for a wellness coach! Do you still have an open slot?