There are many reasons why we crave the sinful sugar. A typical health warrior’s creed is to fight off sugar in any arena. It is counterproductive and undermines your weight loss efforts. But not to discount sugar’s feel-good qualities, those tiny pockets of sweet bliss at times can take turns as your worst enemy and as your dearest friend. It can turn a person’s day from worst to better. Just a small bite here and a little there on your favorite candy bar and you’ll soon forget everything that made you feel bad. It is at some point a kind of love and hate tug of war. Have you ever wondered why this is so? Why do we find ourselves often weakening at the sight of sugar?

First of all, they’re hard to resist, physically.  Certain reward pathways exist in our brains that are activated once we get exposed to certain stimuli. It releases that desire in us to consume. In the face of a sweet treat, what many of us may not know, other than the feel-good high we instantly want access to, is that your cravings could be caused by magnesium or the lack of thereof. Magnesium is an important element in carrying out internal organ functions. What happens is that when you consume a certain amount of sugar, it depletes your magnesium reserve. For example, if you consume about 1 gram of sugar, it wipes out nearly 26 grams of active magnesium in your body. When you’re running low, your body signals the brain to go out and take in sugar. We’re talking about just one of the many tradeoffs. If you take sugar more, you would, in turn, be deficient in a whole bunch of other nutritious things.

Consider this. The type of sugar accessible to us is processed. It’s been reheated and repackaged. When you crave, chances are you’ll get your nearest sugary fix. But it’s not actually genuine sugar you’re getting. You’re getting processed  sugar which creates even more problems to your body like unnecessary weight gain, possibly diabetes or even heart disease if not monitored properly.

Question: Is it at all possible to stub out sugar cravings? Unfortunately, no. We physically can’t. Sugar is, after all, a source of energy. What we can control though is the type of sugar we put into our body. The good sugar. The absorbable sugar. I’m referring to the type that our organs can easily process, infuse to our bloodstream and distribute as energy for cell functions.

My suggestion is: Make your own chocolate. If you need sugar then might as well make it as organic as healthy and readily absorbable by the body as possible. Follow my Superfood recipe which already includes magnesium that would turn off those sugar cravings in your brain. Send us an email and we’ll help you live a better life without you having to go through those substances that don’t serve you anymore.