Every day the body goes through a certain amount of wear and tear. What we intake and what we flush out have direct effects on our biological form. And most of the processes that your body undergoes on a daily basis happen in the gut.

It is important to understand the role your gut takes and know how to keep it in shape.  Remember that a vast majority of our immune system is in the gut. There are over a hundred health-related issues that are linked to an unhealthy gut. The most familiar ones include obesity, heart diseases, inflammation, and arthritis. Those who have regular bouts of mood swings, depression, anxiety or other related mental struggles can also be traced back to possible gut problems.

It’s up to your immune system to repair every damage that has been done. When that doesn’t happen, it triggers possible autoimmunity diseases and opens up a whole new can of worms. It’s like the body can no longer keep up with all the daily wear and tear, so the body starts attacking itself. It can happen pretty much to any tissue or organ in the body.

Also, when the gut permeability increases, a significant decline in the immune system function follows. When that happens, when the immune system gets stressed it can no longer repair the body on a daily basis, it’s time to take action and start healing your gut.

Get your blood examined
Before you do anything else, do this first and foremost. Submit yourself to a clinic near you and have your blood tested. It’s a simple procedure wherein they take a bit of blood on a finger stick. Drop it on a small slide and expose it to over a hundred foods to test it for immune system reactivity.

Reduce toxicity and stress levels
Holes in your gut barrier can let things in that are not supposed to get into your bloodstream. Think of it like a filter or a net. The more holes there are on your protective net, the more work your gut needs to do. Chances are a lot of unwanted toxins will get circulated to your organs. What you would need to do is to do a cleanse on your gut to get it functioning at an optimal level again. Our Detox Pack can help you eliminate the toxins that have accumulated over the years.

Also, don’t underestimate the brain-belly connection. Notice how when you’re anxiety levels are high it causes you to feel nauseated at the same time? Or when you feel upset you might take a break and make a run for your favourite comfort food? Or even when you’re feeling the blues, most likely you won’t feel like eating much. The state of the brain has a direct effect on the gut. Given how close they interact, stress and overall anxiety reduction can play a significant role in mediating overall gut wellness.

Eat your medicine
That’s right, let food heal you. The right kind of food that is. When you take a more active role and take charge of your health. You can start on as simple as steamed vegetables. A lot of people have asked why steamed instead of raw? We think raw is the way to go because you’re not adding anything extra to it. You’re taking it all in in its natural form. But the difference is that when you cook them, they’ve already been broken down for you. Meaning there’s not much work that you’re body needs to do in order to absorb them. They’re already in a form that can be taken in easily. Same goes for bone broth which is accepted as one of the best healing food for the gut. Think of bone broth as a protein source instead of letting an actual meat like skirt steaks or something similar. With broth, it’s already in its liquid form high on amino acids and Proline ready to flow into your bloodstream. On the other hand, the meat still has to be chewed on, broken down by enzymes in your body, go through the whole digestive process in your gut before it takes the form your body can readily use.  

Another thing about food is to try and eat it slowly. It’s one of those practical things that you can do that will go a long way. We get caught up in our daily routine that we sometimes forget to chew our food properly putting a lot of pressure on our digestive system. Try not to eat on the run all the time if possible. You’re not going to heal your gut if you can’t find the time to eat in a calm, quiet and relaxing space once in awhile.