How Long Should Your Workout Be?

How many hours do you spend in the gym? Do you think you’ve been devoting more time to your workout regimen than necessary? Your body could be telling you that you need to start taking it easy, and with good reason. You see, your hormone levels can be drastically affected by the length and intensity […]

How to Ease Your Way Into Exercise

When it comes to working out, many of us are no stranger to excuses. It can be so easy to come up with all sorts of reasons not to go on a run or sign up for a gym membership. But once we take the leap and finish the first workout session, we realise that […]

How Do You Know If You Are Healthy?

Oh, my is this not the most important question we can ever ask ourselves and our family? Since you’re reading this chances are high that you already are a Wellness Warrior, but have you ever considered this questions: How do we actually know if you are healthy (or not)? Is it because of how we […]

CAUSE AND EFFECT – What Is Really A Symptom?

Cause or effect? Symptom or problem? Prevention or concealment? Are we in the business of health care or sick care? When there’s a fire do you treat the smoke or the fire? I would hope you’d treat the fire. Common sense right. But why then when it comes to our health do we treat the […]

Health Made Easy – How To Make Being Fit Fun Instead of a Chore!

Is it possible to enjoy chore time? Looking back at the time when we were kids, our moms went out of their way to make us experience a hard chore life. The mind numbing lawn mowing, dish washing, floor cleaning jobs that eat up on our play time. We never thought we’d see the end […]

Easy Detox – Power Breathing

Breath has innate power. It holds within it the power to sustain or plague life. The manipulation of the body’s natural respiratory functions; inhalation and exhalation can prove powerful in detoxification. Practitioners of Kapalabhati yoga have known this for centuries. Kapalabhati means skull shining breath. The technique is used as a cleansing technique to clear […]

Fasting – Is It Healthy?

Even if you don’t have digestive issues, or you think you don’t have digestive issues, gut problems are related to so many health issues. We keep our digestive tract occupied on a daily basis. We consume 3 meals plus snacks at times. An average person would take about 100,000 pounds of food in a single […]

How To Beat Osteoporosis

Most of us started drinking milk at an early age and grew up without questioning its so-called benefits. But the biggest milk companies haven’t been completely honest with us. Through a series of sly marketing and advertising ploys, they have successfully convinced many generations that cow’s milk and everything created from it is the purest […]