Breath has innate power. It holds within it the power to sustain or plague life. The manipulation of the body’s natural respiratory functions; inhalation and exhalation can prove powerful in detoxification.

Practitioners of Kapalabhati yoga have known this for centuries. Kapalabhati means skull shining breath. The technique is used as a cleansing technique to clear mucus in the air passages, relieve congestion, reduce bloating, improve metabolism and improve lung capacity.

Unfortunately today most people shallow breathe. Shallow breathing is where minimal oxygen is drawn into the lungs via help of the intercostal muscles (small muscles groups between the ribs). Most people who breathe shallowly do it throughout the day and are almost always unaware of the condition.

Power breathing is breathing into the diaphragm and stomach. A process of deep inhalation followed by forceful bursts of exhalation leaves you set in state, and energised. This practice can multiply the effectiveness of setting intentions which is instrumental in both health and success.