Is it possible to enjoy chore time? Looking back at the time when we were kids, our moms went out of their way to make us experience a hard chore life. The mind numbing lawn mowing, dish washing, floor cleaning jobs that eat up on our play time. We never thought we’d see the end of it.

As well-adjusted adults, if you find exercising, proper eating and staying in shape like you’re stuck in a never-ending evil cycle of chores, then you’re probably doing them wrong. How can you make all these healthy and disciplined regiments lump together and turn them into a big ball of fun?

You see this happen all the time among your friends, your family even with yourself without you noticing. Especially at the beginning of the year when we’re all riding on the New Year resolution high. You start a new exercise program that’s meant to shed off the extra pounds gained during the holidays. Try out the latest revolutionary diet plan. The list goes on. Then you start feeling great. You feel healthy for periods of time. You won! But when middle June comes, poof. We stop and fall back to our old ways.

Why does this happen? It’s simple: values. All of our values are completely unique. My values are not the same as yours. Your values are not the same as theirs. So, there are values and there are voids that drive those values. If you can identify your core values, link them up to the things that you need to do in order to be healthy then you can follow a path that’s more sustainable and less chore-like.

Let’s say you want to try Yoga as your health tool. But after a few weeks, you realize that you don’t like doing Yoga. The like metric is crucial. If you ask me to try taking up ballet classes, I’d probably look bad in it and not continue. Not that there’s anything wrong with ballet, it makes you sweat and master balance, keeps you on your toes. It’s just not one of my values.

Find your top 3 values and link them with a habit like an exercise or movement profile that inspires you. Couple it with an eating pattern where you can see that when you eat this particular way, it gives you more energy, focus, and concentration to do what’s highest on your value list.

You can do the same thing with whatever it is that you need to do to become healthy that’s more sustainable and ultimately fun for you. It’s the only way to extend health and vitality for a long time. You’ll see the difference right away when you start. You’ll have fun doing the things that you need to do instead of thinking of them like a chore.

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  1. What I do is incorporate exercise with my activities. For example, instead of turning on my automatic vacuum, I mop the floor instead. I believe that you can get fit without having to spend a lot 🙂