Oh, my is this not the most important question we can ever ask ourselves and our family?

Since you’re reading this chances are high that you already are a Wellness Warrior, but have you ever considered this questions: How do we actually know if you are healthy (or not)?

Is it because of how we feel. Perhaps we don’t drink and smoke – perhaps we have high energy and sleep well, it that it? How would we know, not guess, but truly know if we and out loved ones are well or sick?

I believe that since our own health and the health and quality of the lives of our loved ones truly is meaningful to us, that I should finally answer these questions for you today. You see after consulting over 10,000 patients on health and wellness as well as helping many clients recover from both severe and terminal disease – we’ve come to see how a lot of people tend to associate good health with how they feel. Truly being healthy is not just about how we feel, because I can feel pretty good and still have heart disease or diabetes right now can’t I? I can have cancer right now and write this article with energetic passion and still be sick without feeling it, couldn’t I? Or I could be in the process of going through my 10 Day Detox by Design program, or simply exercised and felt sore and quite uncomfortable with myself, but does that mean that I am sick? NOPE!

OK, here it is: True health is about optimal function, not just about feeling – so the question is: Does the absence of symptoms mean that we are well? Not at all, so what do we do?

The first thing is to understand that there is a big difference between the science, arts and philosophy of the sickness industry, compared to the wellness industry. One simple example is that the sickness industry is trained to deal with exactly that, sickness – while the wellness industry is trained to boost health and optimize the expression of life itself. Quite different aren’t they? Let me just start by saying this: We need them both.

You need a sickness specialist in case of emergencies – but my question to you is: Who is your wellness doctor? Where do you take your family and children to ensure the optimal function, nutrition, and lifestyle suitable for their optimal expression of life?

We need to take back control of our health and look under the hood. Here’s an example:

If you wanted to find out what condition your heart and the cardiovascular system was in by going to a cardiovascular specialist, what would they need to do to know (not to guess) what condition your heart and the cardiovascular system was in do you think? Do you think asking if you had any symptom or felt any pain would be enough?

“To see is to know, not to see is to guess” ~ Dr. Espen

To really know, the cardiovascular specialist would need to objectify the actual condition of your cardiovascular system, wouldn’t they? The specialist would need to run a whole bunch of …… you guessed it, tests!

A standard procedure you and you physician should consider might consist of the following:

  • Subjective measures (asking “how you feel” is one)
  • Objective measures – run tests first to gain a better understanding of the actual situation.
  • Interpret the outcome of the data. Give you a graph or a roadmap on how to achieve your health goals.
  • Re-measure in the near future to objectify the healing process is taking place
  • Re-adjust and re-apply where needed
  • Apply and create accountability around wellness measure to ensure future health increases and not the other way around.

Dr. Espen’s Personal Health Testing Panel Can Be Completed In The Comfort Of Your Own Home And Includes:

  • Complete Blood Test (done via finger blood prick) testing essential nutrients, fatty acids, cardiovascular profile, and pH.Complete Saliva Hormones Profile (male and female panels)
  • Complete Saliva Hormones Profile (male and female panels) including, but not limited to TSH, T3, T4, CORTISOL, DHEA, SHBG, TESTOSTERONE, PROGESTERONE.
  • Complete Cardiovascular Profile including, Human Growth factor IgF-1 and Vitamin D Bloodspot
  • Complete Essential Fatty Acids Profile
  • Hair and Mineral Analysis testing for 21 known heavy metals (such as Mercury, Tin, and cadmium) as well as toxins and harmful chemicals.
  • Food Allergies Panel – testing 96 common foods
  • CDSA 3+ Advanced Stool Sample Testing for parasites, yeast, cancer, both beneficial and harmful bacteria and mal-digestion/absorption/leaky gut and ulcers.

Imagine this graph: If we were to draw a simple horizontal line from left to right starting with the number 0 on the left (which means death) to 100 on the right (which means as healthy as you’ll ever be), and run all the necessary test in between to find out exactly where you or your loved ones are from 0-100 on the health spectrum. You can then objectify exactly where you are, come up with a plan and make good decisions that are proven to benefit your health. In theory, it’s actually simple. In fact, the tests above have been designed just for that reason! Eliminate the guesswork, find the answers through tests and so you may begin your new journey towards achieving your full expression of good health, energy, and vitality.

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