There is a direct congruency between our spiritual values and financial independence. How do these two marry up and how do they work?

As a humble servant leader, my job is to teach the world how to live in an abundant healthy life. This mindset is anchored on my highest values which include education and health.

Most people have jobs that they are not happy with. As a result, they would leave it eventually in the long run. This happens because it is a job that does not fulfill their values.

If I have a job that I feel is not contributing to other people’s lives, doesn’t serve a person, doesn’t benefit the whole, doesn’t serve the community, then subconsciously I’m going to jeopardize my financial wealth building capacity because I don’t feel I’m worthy. I don’t feel like I’m contributing.

Each of us has a set of values that are completely unique. We must dig down inside and understand what it is that we value the most and make sure that they are congruent with the endeavors we pursue.

When we’ve aligned our values to our business pursuits, we build products or services around it them that communicates our core message to potential clients. To sell with soul, you need to be 100% behind your product or service. Though being in business is part of your dream, if you’re not comfortable with what you’re offering, your clients will see through it.

You need to ask yourself questions like: Do I really feel that I’m contributing to the world making it a better place? Does my profession serve the greater masses? If you feel intuitively “yes”, if you can write that down and know what you’re doing is contributing to other people’s lives, then you’re following what’s called the Contribution Concept. This type of work that you do is in direct service humbly rendered to your community.

If by doing your value-driven profession you are able to G.R.O.W., short for Generating Revenue of Wealth, then the finances that you earn are yours. The abundance that flows towards you because of it is all yours. You deserve everything that you get in exchange for everything that you’ve given. If you’ve already gone through all the work, contributing to society and nurturing the community by means of what you know to be true, don’t drop the ball when they finally respond and give back. That’s how fair exchange works. And that’s how you sell with soul and build your business on. Especially for long-term relationships that will essentially benefit the health of your business. You get what you give in return and so much more.