It’s time we have the fat talk. For many of us when we hear the word “fat”, the immediate reaction is disgust and negative emotion. We don’t like fat. In fact, we dislike it so much we are willing to spend copious amounts of money to get rid of it. We hide it – we don’t want anything to do with it. And, from previous misleading advertising we’ve been told over and over again not to consume because it’s bad for you. Let’s face it, who wants added layers on our midsection or any other parts of our body where those sneaky deposits go?

But let’s get real. If you look at the evidence it is clear to see that fat is not at all that bad, in fact, fats are crucial for our survival and for our health. What many of us are unaware of is that fat is an actual transporter of oxygen in cells. Every single system in our body requires fat to function. And one organ in particular – our brain is in fact mostly, you guessed it, fat! Certain nutrients that we take in will not be absorbable by the body unless we have enough fat to dissolve them. Vitamin A is an example of a fat-soluble vitamin that we need. Keeping certain illnesses under control like epilepsy and seizures have also benefited greatly from healthy fats. Even soaps that help nourish our skin and maintain that youthful glow are held together by fat.

So how can we turn fat into something useful when we take them into our bodies? Most importantly, how can we eat fats without having to put on unwanted weight? (You will love this next part)…

The answer is Ketogenic diet, or as I like to call it, The Keto Kick! The way the keto kick works is that it trains the brain to use fat as a source of energy instead of using glucose. Yes, you heard me right, the brain can, in fact, be trained to burn fat instead of sugar, incredible right? This process is called ketosis – a process where our body and brain stops relying so much on carbs altogether and instead utilizes fat to create energy. It’s what many people call a metabolic switch from carbohydrate-based fuels to fat fuels called Ketones. Understanding this one simple fact changes everything!

But it’s not all peanuts! The transition from carbs to fats comes with certain side effects. When you start getting healthy while making the switch from high to low carb diet intake while getting the brain to use fat as fuel, fatigue and dizziness are often common side effects experienced by ketogenic diet practitioners, especially on the first 2-3 weeks. To balance it out, you can counteract these symptoms by supplementing with powerful minerals such as Magnesium which is required by our internal organs for a whole range of internal activities (including stopping those nasty food cravings)! Magnesium works really well if you take it at night while your body is recuperating and rebuilding. All you need to do is to take your supplements and relax and your body will do the rest 🙂 If you are unsure, ask your wellness doctor to assist you during the transition. Also, if you have existing conditions, best to consult a doctor first and find out if this diet is right for you.

If you want to start losing weight while eating fats right away, one of the easiest ways to start is to start by having your essential oils such as Organic Coconut Oil. Check this out, you infuse your coconut oil into your coffee or tea in the morning. Stir it well and drink it. (I also use cacao butter and sometimes organic butter). This is how it works; When you infuse the essential healthy fats into your hot tea or coffee on your already empty stomach, you absorbed it faster into your digestive system and into your blood. When you start each morning with good quality fats (and your blood glucose and available fuel to burn is on a low), your brain will learn to burn the good fats AND the bad fats or even toxins stored in the adipose tissue (fat cells) throughout your body, and as such, you will gradually lose your unhealthy weight! I know you can thank me later;) The time where we start our morning with a grain like high-sugar diet, is over! When we do this, we’re training our brain and body to burn sugar (which will also create a massive unhealthy insulin spike, with the associated crash) and you end up storing fat. So for a brand new start to each day – burning fats even if you’re not exercising – take your coffee or tea with your essential oils, after which your morning walk or exercise in order to fire up your body before you eat your first meal. Try it for 30 days and you’ll see the excess fat shred off in no time.

Start your day with a Keto Kick!