How To Apply Consciousness & Quantum
Science To Thrive In Uncertain Times

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Are you ready to experience REAL breakthroughs and take YOUR LIFE to the next level?

Leaving your old self behind and stepping into the new Quantum You is an incredible undertaking, and we believe it should be celebrated!






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Dr Espen is a researcher of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics, Master Healer, Conscious Business Mentor, and 4 x 7-Figure “SoulPreneur” who teaches his clients how to use the power of their own Consciousness to turn Obstacles into Opportunities.

Dr Espen went from 2 broken legs and a near-death hospital infection to heal himself from the inside out and become a Australian Ninja Warrior semi-finalist, loving father, and master of the 8 Areas of Life.

As a sought-after Speaker, Conscious Business Consultant, and Quantum Coach, Dr Espen provides his students with the exact same tools and strategies he used to go from humble beginnings to becoming the co-founder and CEO of multiple 7-figure businesses while helping over 250,000 students worldwide reach their personal and professional potential.

Dr Espen’s signature event The Quantum Experience delivers you the same art, science, and application of Consciousness that has transformed the lives of clients in over 12 countries through Quantum Healing, Peak Performance, Freedom, Joy, Abundance, and Impact in all 8 Areas of Life.

Are you ready to Go Quantum?

Dr Espen
dr john

“Dr. Espen’s teachings can take your life and business to a whole
new level"

Dr. John Demartini – Best Selling Author


Over 3 days we will explore the deepest combination of the Quantum Experience – the 3 step model that Dr. Espen teaches:

Quantum Physics

Understanding the way the universe actually works.

Personal Development

Gaining real clarity and insight on what is holding you back and keeping you stuck.


Once you understand how the universe actually works and how you now have the power to get yourself out of your own way and ascend your awareness into the field using the power of Meditation, you are finally ready to bust into the new Quantum You!


Through the awareness and application of your own Consciousness and energy potential you will learn how to combine the modalities of:


There are 7 core energy centres  in the body (and 1 main one above the body) that are directly related to the different areas of life. When one or more of these energy centres are blocked, you will experience suffering and lack of abundance in that area of life and everything it relates to.

At your 3 day Quantum Experience Advanced seminar you will learn the exact tools to unlock your core energy centres, liberating yourself of the stored negative emotions and “issues in the tissues” and align yourself and your core essence with the power of the entire universe.


6:30 AM for registration
7:00 AM
9:00 AM
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Sunday Graduation
4:00 PM
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Are you READY to go from being the VICTIM of your history, to the MASTER of your DESTINY? ✨

Physical Health

directly related to the Root Energy Centre and is blocked by FEAR

We will safely be guided to face our biggest FEAR and learn how to Transform Fear to Fuel! We then look at how this directly relates to our Physical Health and help you create and execute a new conscious, healthy lifestyle. When continuously applied, your new life by design continues to deliver more energy and vitality as time goes by.

We start this amazing journey by having Dr. Espen and his team personally guiding you through a simple but powerful 10-Day Detox by Design Program to cleanse our minds and bodies. This Detox is included in your Quantum Advanced program at no extra cost.


Mental and Emotional State

Gaining real clarity and insight on what is holding you back and keeping you stuck.

We will learn about our Sacral Energy Centre and what the unbalanced and balanced characteristics of this Energy Centre are.

This Energy Centre relates directly to our Mind and Emotional state and the emotion of GUILT is blocking this energy centre and thereby hindering us to live in alignment with ourselves and our Soul.

Together we will release this blockage and return to a balanced state of Gratitude and Appreciation…


Financial Wellbeing

drectly related to your Solar Plexus Energy Centre, which is blocked by SHAME, LACK OF SELF WORTH AND LACK OF SELF VALUE

We will have a look at our Financial Wellbeing and how the emotional blocks of SHAME and UNWORTHINESS are stopping us from reaching our full potential and welcoming money back into our lives. These blockages originate from our earliest life conditioning and imprints from our parents. This week is all about appreciation and love towards the energy of money and how to break free from the limiting belief that there is not enough and we are not worthy. Let’s invite money to pour back into our lives.


The greatest regret of thousands of Australians on their deathbed is:

“I Wish I Had The Courage To Live A Life True To Me, And Not The Life Others Expected Of Me”

Bronnie Ware, Author



directly related to the Heart Energy Centre, which is blocked by GRIEF, SADNESS AND ANGER

Where we will be looking at our Relationships and the Heart Energy Centre.

We will be working to release the emotion of GRIEF, SADNESS AND ANGER that has been blocking our beautiful Heart Energy Centre for so long. We will dive deep and feel the pain, sadness and hurt in order to then come out the other side with Understanding, Gratitude and more Love.

The release of GRIEF, SADNESS AND ANGER is always a huge experience to go through for our students and has helped so many to overcome tremendous trauma and pain. Once the heart is open and flowing, your relationships in every aspect will benefit from this in ways you can’t even imagine.

Personal Development

directly related to your Throat Energy Centre, which is blocked by LIES AND THE LIFE WE LIVE THAT IS NOT TRUE TO US

We will be working on finding your Truth and your Purpose, as you learn to speak, live and love a life that is true to you, not a life that other people expect of you. We will be looking into the LIES that block our Throat Energy Centre, not only the lies that we tell ourselves and others, but also where we subordinate and minimise ourselves in situations that go against our higher truths and values.

We will open the Throat Energy Centre in order to speak, live and love our truth in every situation we come across in our lives and learn how to listen to our inner guidance. We will help you uncover the message that the world needs to hear from you and help you to trust your Soul’s Journey.

Career and Vocation

directly related to your Third Eye Energy Centre, which is blocked by THE ILLUSION OF SEPARATION

We will give you the tools to open your Third Eye and activate your Pineal Gland. You will learn to see things the way they really are based on the scientific principles of Quantum Physics and the spiritual wisdom of Universal Consciousness.

When you start to see things the way they really are and place your attention and intention upon that truth from a vibration of Love and Abundance… Love and Abundance is automatically what you receive! Our Third Eye is blocked by the THE ILLUSION OF SEPARATION, which Dr Espen and his team will help you begin to unblock with a beautiful and powerful Dream streaming experience. Because of this lesson, you will be able to pick up the tools to uncover your true purpose and according to many of our students, perhaps also find out WHY you came into this world.


Spiritual Fulfillment and Purpose

directly related to your Crown Energy Centre, which is blocked by EARTHLY ADDICTIONS AND ATTACHMENTS TO THE MATERIALISTIC, PHYSICAL WORLD

You will learn how to open your Crown Energy Centre and how to connect back home to the Quantum Field of Divine Intelligence, also known as Consciousness. This Field has been proven through the science of Quantum Physics to connect us all!

When you are reconnected to your source, you can begin to live a life full of Inspiration (latin for In-Spirit). However, the Crown Energy Centre is blocked by EARTHLY ADDICTIONS AND ATTACHMENTS TO THE MATERIALISTIC, PHYSICAL WORLD which we will uncover together. Once we are Aware of what we are attached to, we then start the process of finally letting go of what no longer serves us…


Time and Presence

directly related to your Soulstar Energy Centre, which is blocked by THE ILLUSION OF TIME AND SPACE

You will learn how to master the art of living in the Present Time Conscious Moment.

This will inspire you to live a life by your own conscious design while being of service to the world, doing what you love and loving what you do.

This is your Sovereign right but you must take action and make it happen.

When we are connected with Presence, we create from a place of love, joy, enthusiasm, creativity and gratitude.


Quantum DMT Breathwork Experience

Conscious breathwork has been used in different cultures for thousands of years.
Join us in a powerful session to finish day 3 together in a quantum breathing experience.

Many mind-body healing traditions are used in combination with the breath.

Breathing is one of the oldest and best-used tools for cultivating awareness, wellness and connection to universal life force or energy.

So join us, on a journey into the Quantum Field of limitless potential!

We call it: Going Home

Jo Ann

After numbing myself with anti depressant drugs for over 20 years and being told I would never be able to come off them I finally let all that go once and for all at the Quantum Experience Advanced Seminar! Not only was I able to free myself and stop the drugs, but the cancer the doctors diagnosed in my body for years has cleared and is now gone. This Quantum Experience Advanced Event truly is LIFE changing!!!”

Jo Ann





If there’s anything you need we’re always here to help. To speak with a real person please call 1300 058 587 or email us at support@drespen.com



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