“The ability to handle uncertainty gracefully is probably the biggest skill because it is a skill, it's not innate that we can actually deal with.”

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In this episode, Dr Espen is joined by Peter Sage, a renowned entrepreneur and personal development expert, who shares his insights on embracing uncertainty and taking control of one’s life narrative. He advocates for setting a vision that excites and inspires, beyond societal pressures, and discusses the importance of leaving a meaningful legacy. Peter emphasizes the need for cooperation, love, and aligning with universal laws over competition and fear.


00:04:32 – Navigating Uncertain Waters: The Conscious Leader’s Path

00:08:20 – The Power of Personal Reality Ownership

00:18:22 – Mind Programming for Personal Growth and Success

00:25:25 – Aligning Vision with Personal Fulfillment and Purpose

00:33:55 – Personal Growth Over External Achievements

00:37:28 – Soulful Alignment: Embracing Truth and Synchronicities

00:41:45 – Harmonious Cell Cooperation in Evolutionary Advancement

00:44:47 – Love-Based Cooperation for Universal Alignment

00:53:49 – Exchanging Knowledge for Personal Growth

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Peter Sage


Peter Sage is a serial entrepreneur, author, master  trainer, international educator,  philosopher  and  public  speaker  in  the  field  of  human  behavior,  personal  development and psychology of success. Peter has started, founded & built over 20  companies over the last quarter of a century across a diverse variety of industries,  including The Energie  Fitness  Group  and  World  Wide  Health  Corporation.  He  is  very humbled to have shared the stage with various high profile people such as Kofi Anan, Sir Richard Branson,  former US President Bill Clinton and many others. His  client list includes several governments, members of Royalty, Google and NASA.

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