"If you want to improve your health, you have to start looking at the world in a different way.”


In a rapidly changing world, it’s essential to equip yourself with knowledge and wisdom, and this episode offers valuable tools, tips, and tricks to help you do just that!


Discover the best strategies for maintaining your health, emotional well-being, and financial stability as you learn to forecast what lies ahead. Dr Espen emphasizes the significance of discussing future forecasting and preparation. He also highlights the role of precious metals as potential saviors in uncertain times and reveals the greatest assets we can possess. 


Don’t miss this episode if you’re looking to be better prepared for what’s coming!


[00:02:24] Ascension and raising vibrations

[00:04:11] The dark ages

00:08:26] Health is our greatest asset

[00:11:17] Healing through energy vibrations

[00:16:31] Financial changes and online opportunities

[00:19:14] Commodities and tulip mania

[00:23:18] The Great Reset

[00:26:12] Investing in precious metals

[00:29:57] Cryptocurrency investment advice

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