“I noticed a theme over the years where people are talking about a traumatic event and it's actually not therapeutic for them.”


Dr Espen interviews Bei Tretiakov, a healer and medicine man who introduces his attunement therapy method. We delve into a crucial topic that holds immense significance for those seeking to enhance their experiences of love and connection. We discuss the profound impact of early life experiences, particularly the absence of nurturing touch from parents. Discover how healing from these early wounds can pave the way for a more fulfilling life and gain insights that can revolutionize your relationships and emotional well-being.


[00:03:07] Attunement therapy

[00:04:00] The importance of touch

[00:07:28] The power of healing touch

[00:10:35] Healing childhood wounds

[00:15:31] The catharsis cycle

[00:19:14] The intelligence of the body

[00:25:23] Leaking biophotonic energy through time

[00:26:56] Quantum healing and biophotonic energy

[00:30:46] Parental wounds and touch

[00:33:23] Disconnecting in the digital age

[00:37:12] Parental archetype and consciousness

[00:41:24] Coaching the catharsis

[00:46:22] Quantum technology and consciousness

[00:49:14] The healing virtue of the body

[00:50:31] The concept of oneness

[00:54:29] Touch Retardation and Cultural Differences

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Bei Tretiakov has been a Regression Therapist for ten years. He brings his in-depth background in Psychotherapy, Meditation, Quantum Healing, Cell Biology, Epigenetics, Kinesiology, Psychopharmacology, Sexual Health, Diet, Detox, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Taoism, Shamanism, Entheogens, Chi Gung, Kung Fu and Modern Medical Science to his clients, talks and workshops. He currently shares his skills as a therapist, life coach, and counselor.


Throughout his twenties, Bei has studied internationally in the healing arts. He is passionate in reminding people, that the human capacity for healing is limitless. Bei helps open his client’s minds to how many natural super abilities we all possess to enhance our lives that have been squashed out of the mainstream belief system by reductionist scientific dogma and disempowerment religions.

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Bei Tretiakov

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