“Stop lying to yourself about all the limitations that you believe are true to yourself and know that there's so much that you have to offer this world.”


Dr Espen interviews Brendon Giebel, the founder of Advanced Men’s Development. They dive deep into how we go from running a small business to scaling and developing a structure for a multinational and a seven-figure type business and how can we go from having an idea and being passionate about something. Brendon shares his journey of overcoming personal struggles and how he has used various techniques such as NLP, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnosis to transform his life.


[00:03:42] Passion for helping men

[00:07:12] Fulfillment and Challenging Work

[00:11:21] Freedom and business growth

[00:14:43] Running events and retreats online

[00:18:07] Imperfect action and coaching

[00:21:26] Connection among men

[00:25:06] Building a value ladder

[00:29:32] The law of effective delegation

[00:36:43] Changing lives of 5 million men

[00:41:32] Taking life to another level

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Brendon is the Founder of Advanced Men’s Development which is focused on helping men regain their personal power and excel in all areas of life. Brendon has helped people free themselves from drug addictions, negative thought patterns, and unconscious sabotaging behaviors and crush self-doubt and low confidence. As well as help them move through PTSD, childhood abuse, anxiety, chronic pain, and depression, as well as anger issues, fear, and shyness, to name a few. After struggling in his early 20s and being one decision away from ending it all, Brendon spent 6 years climbing out of the dark hole he was in. Now he is leading the way for men and women to become the most successful versions of themselves.

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Brendon Giebel

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