“There are many streams that make up a matrix, but it's definitely important to be aware of what it is so that we can reclaim a lot of our power back from the matrixes that we live within.”


 Dr Espen Hjalmby and John Grant Harvey delve into the concept of the Matrix and the role of energy in understanding and harnessing our true potential. The Matrix, as described by John, is the societal environment composed of beliefs, values, and influences that can limit individual potential. By understanding this Matrix and discerning and harnessing our own energy, we can break free from these limitations and live life on our own terms.


[00:02:09] The Matrix and Energy

[00:03:29] Collective limitations and societal beliefs

[00:07:21] Surrounding yourself with supportive people

[00:10:07] Connection and vulnerability

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John Grant Harvey is the director at The Mindset Institute. He’s a top-trained world-class speaker, trainer, and coach. He’s also been working with some incredible athletes in the US and Australia

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John Grant Harvey

John Grant Harvey

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