"Meditation is not a luxury, meditation is a necessity."


Dr Espen explores the controversial topic of DMT or dimethyltryptamine. He discusses how DMT occurs naturally in our bodies, as well as in animals and plants. Dr Espen delves into the science behind DMT, its potential applications, and the risks and benefits associated with it. Through this discussion, listeners gain a deeper understanding of their brains and bodies. Tune in to learn more about this powerful chemical substance and its impact on consciousness and spirituality.


[00:03:30] What is DMT?

[00:04:39] DMT and its healing properties

[00:07:23] Ayahuasca and personal transformation

[00:12:31] Finding the right shaman

[00:17:13] Gratitude and mission discovery

[00:18:24] Seeing colors in new ways

[00:21:32] Blue energy in the throat

[00:27:31] DMT and other dimensions

[00:30:26] The power of the heart

[00:35:09] The all-seeing eye

[00:38:23] Activating the pineal gland

[00:42:15] Energy and vibration in healing

[00:44:18] DMT and mystical healing

[00:48:03] Brain’s secretion of the spirit molecule

[00:51:09] Activating the pineal gland

[00:55:48] Sun gazing and DMT production

[01:00:31] Meditation as a necessity

[01:02:21] The power of breath work

[01:05:17] Tapping into your breath

[01:09:24] The power of the entire universe

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