“Our true self is filled with those characteristics, your personality may have those characteristics, but that still isn't the true self."


Dr Espen interviews Remy Sharon Pearson, a renowned coach and author. They discuss the importance of co-regulation in childhood and how it impacts our ability to self-regulate. Remy shares insights from her bestselling books and talks about her work in coaching, leadership, and personal development. Listeners can expect to gain valuable tools and coaching activities to expand their consciousness in various areas of life. Tune in for an inspiring conversation on transformation and growth.


[00:02:12] The ultimate new quest

[00:06:20] Four dimensions of a fulfilling life

[00:08:09] The greatest regret: living true

[00:12:43] Our true self and personality

[00:16:32] The wounded ego

[00:19:48] Transition to compassion and emotion

[00:24:29] Feeling safe and secure

[00:28:41] Self-advocacy and empowerment

[00:31:10] Getting rid of ickiness

[00:37:40] Meeting our inner child

[00:40:42] Connecting with our inner selves

[00:47:21] Advocating for ourselves

[00:50:42] Healing the inner child

[00:52:43] Healing and awakening journey

[00:55:30] Healing and spiritual bypassing

[01:01:00] A message to the world

[01:03:24] Powerful scripts for not-enoughness

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Remi (Sharon) Pearson is a bestselling author, podcast host, award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, and philanthropist. She is one of the world’s most successful life coaches and the driving force behind the global school The Coaching Institute.

Since she started The Coaching Institute in Melbourne in 2004, Remi has become a touchstone for students—85 percent of them women—determined to heal life’s hurts and embrace true fulfillment.

Inspirational to both people with self-doubt and those of influence seeking to be the best they can be, she built TCI on her guiding values of wisdom, love, irreverence, determination, and growth.

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Remi (Sharon) Pearson


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