“When you have a connection to spirit, when you have a connection to source, you can draw upon life force, energy, and love.”


Join Dr Espen as he shares the top 10 quantum biohacking secrets for peak performance in life and business. Discover scientifically proven methodologies that can help you achieve a higher quality of life, increased energy, and the ability to do what you love. Learn how to tap into the highest light, draw upon life force and divine guidance, and become unstoppable in your journey of self-evolution. Don’t miss out on these powerful biohacking tools that can transform your life.


[00:00:00] Episode Trailer

[00:02:05] What is Quantum

[00:04:04] Fasting ,Purification and Exercise (caused by lower emotions)

[00:08:26] Mental and Emotional mastery QA/QAV

[00:14:17] Live as Quantum Feel the Fear and Do It anyway mindset

[00:16:22] Relationship and Service to others

[00:23:02] Bloods, full health tests, and genetics methylation

[00:27:55] Devices, Whoop 4.0, PEMF, Ice Bath, Sauna, and Sleep

[00:41:15] Breathwork and Meditation

[00:48:47] Coach, Trainer, and Accountability

[00:52:23] Conscious Community and Ongoing Education

[00:56:06] Prayer and Ceremony (Connection to The Highest Light)

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