“Superhuman abilities are not anything outside the realm of possibility.”


In this episode, Dr Espen interviews Matt Belair, an experienced high-performance coach, best-selling author, global adventurer, and podcast host. Matt shares his experiences studying with Buddhist monks in Nepal, Native American elders in North America, and Shaolin monks in China. He discusses the importance of courage and overcoming fear, and how to train oneself to have more courage. Matt is also a high-performance coach and host of the Mastermind Body and Spirit Show. Tune in to this inspiring conversation about expanding human potential and consciousness.


[00:02:45] Limit of human potential

[00:04:18] Master Go’s feat of strength

[00:07:03] Mind, body, spirit integration

[00:09:43] Solving world hunger

[00:14:26] Overcoming fear and blockages

[00:16:22] Fear and knowledge

[00:19:06] Developing courage and faith

[00:25:19] Admiralty maritime admiralty law

[00:29:22] Three kind acts a day

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Matt has studied human potential his entire life. He has dedicated himself to uncovering and expanding the limits of human potential and consciousness. Matt is an accomplished athlete, sought after high performance coach, host of the Master Mind, Body, and Spirit show which, reached #1 in iTunes in over 10 countries and is a best-selling author helping people live lives of passion, purpose, fulfillment, and success!

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