"Willingness plays a massive role in our ability to grow out of what no longer serves us and what is hindering us."


In this episode, Dr Espen is joined by Stefanos Sifandos for an exciting and deep conversation about healing and transformation. Stefanos, who has worked with thousands of people from various backgrounds, brings his heart-centered and authentic approach to teaching and helping others find healing and meaning in their lives. Tune in to learn how to break down barriers and cultivate epic love in your relationships and personal growth journey.


[00:07:39] Relational Alchemy and Enhancing Relationships
[00:10:15] Reflecting on our current journeys
[00:15:45] The power of expression
[00:19:50] Sacred Union Process
[00:23:01] Healing collectively and individually
[00:25:22] Learning to receive and self-worth
[00:29:05] Lack of self-love and success
[00:37:31] Rise of transparency and deceit
[00:40:38] Doing the thing you’ve been avoiding
[00:43:05] Breathwork for the feminine

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Stefanos Sifandos is a Relationship & Masculine/Feminine Educator with a rich and diverse clientele, including Elite Special Forces soldiers, Olympic Gold Medalists, high-achieving CEOs, world champion fighters, couples seeking relationship enrichment, and individuals grappling with mental health challenges. His extensive exposure to this spectrum of humanity has granted him profound insight into the human condition, which he leverages with deep intuition and compassion.

Stefanos’s mission is to amplify the voices of those often unheard, guiding individuals towards the realization of their full potential. He champions conscious and authentic love in relationships, is dedicated to being an Earth-conscious steward, and ceaselessly expands and evolves his own being. His life’s humble gift to humanity and himself is a testament to his profound commitment to transformation and growth.

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