“Tap away and chip away what doesn't belong. The guilt, the shame, the unworthiness, all these misunderstandings to recognize that underneath that all, you are a magnificent child of the universe, worthy and deserving of the best this world has to offer”

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In this episode, Dr Espen interviews Brad Yates, an expert in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and tapping. They delve into the basics of EFT, its application in addressing emotional and psychological issues, and its benefits for stress relief. Brad explains how tapping on specific points can release stored traumas and stress, and discusses the connection between emotions and the body. They also explore the use of EFT in overcoming addictions and reprogramming subconscious beliefs.


00:00:00 – Episode trailer

00:02:43 – Understanding EFT and tapping

00:04:54 – The connection between emotions and the body

00:08:53 – Tapping to reprogram beliefs and emotions

00:13:29 – Using EFT for money mastery

00:16:06 – The basic EFT tapping process

00:20:31 – The potential of self-learning

00:22:12 – The power of tapping and affirmations

00:25:35 – Concept of energy hygiene and its importance

00:28:19 – Tapping for PTSD and trauma

00:30:02 – Tapping and the amygdala

00:40:14 – The cause and effect of emotional eating

00:42:28 – Brad Yates’ message to the world

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Brad Yates is known internationally for his creative and often humorous use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as Tapping. Brad is the author of the best-selling children’s book “The Wizard’s Wish,” the co-author of the best-seller “Freedom at Your Fingertips,” and a featured expert in the film “The Tapping Solution.” He has also been a presenter at a number of events, including Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success, has done teleseminars with “The Secret” stars Bob Doyle and Dr. Joe Vitale, and has been heard internationally on a number of internet radio talk shows.  Brad also has over 1000 videos on YouTube that have been viewed over 45 million times.

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