“If you shift your energies, you shift everything. You shift your psychology, you shift your physical body, you shift your mood, your consciousness—everything follows shifting the energy.”

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In this episode, Dr Espen talks with Dr. David Feinstein and Donna Eden about the fascinating field of energy psychology and how it works with the mind. Dr. Feinstein shares a compelling story of how tapping helped a woman overcome her intense fear of elevators, demonstrating how this technique can change neural pathways linked to traumatic memories. Their discussion sheds light on the powerful and healing potential of energy psychology.


00:00:00 – Episode trailer

00:01:26 – Introduction to Dr. David Feinstein and Donna Eden

00:04:27 – Understanding energy medicine

00:07:17 – Personal experience with energy healing

00:13:30 – Unresolved emotional traumas

00:17:41 – Energy psychology and its origins

00:22:32 – Introducing Tapping

00:24:11 – First Encounters with Tapping

00:33:03 – Physiological Explanation of Tapping

00:38:50 – Memory Reconsolidation

00:43:46 – Message to the World

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Donna & David


Donna Eden is the author of Energy Medicine. She has treated over 10,000 individual clients and has taught hundreds of classes, speaking to standing-room-only audiences throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. Able from childhood to perceive the body’s subtle energies, she works with those energies to heal others and to teach others how to work with them.

David Feinstein, PhD, a clinical psychologist, has served on the faculty of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and has received nine national awards for his books on consciousness and healing.

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