“Once we go through the forgiveness work... we're actually creating space to reacquaint ourselves with what true love is.”

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In this episode, Dr Espen sits down with spiritual teacher Matt Kahn to explore the intricacies of awakening and self-love. They discuss the global shift to the fifth dimension and the central role of love in this transformation. Matt shares insights on channeling and the journey from self-image to spiritual inquiry and wisdom. They delve into the challenges of self-love, the healing power of forgiveness, and the interplay of darkness and light in the awakening process. 


00:00:00 – Episode trailer

00:01:40 – Introduction to Matt

00:03:14 – Matt explains his process of channeling and embodying wisdom from non-physical beings

00:09:56 –  The global awakening, the shift to the fifth dimension, and the role of lightworkers

00:15:25 – Understanding dimensions

00:21:58 – The significance of love in personal and collective transformation

00:23:47 – The impact of trauma on self-love and the power of forgiveness in healing

00:30:25 – The concept of respecting others’ power and sovereignty and its impact on personal empowerment

00:36:52 – The purpose of darkness, the battle between light and dark, and the awakening of consciousness.

00:47:23 – The concept of unity, the expansion of the universe, and the journey of never-ending expansion as human beings

00:51:34 – Matt’s message to the world

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Matt Kahn


Matt Kahn is a renowned spiritual teacher, highly acclaimed empath, and bestselling author, known for his transformative insights into the journey of awakening. His teachings focus on love as the ultimate path to self-realization, emphasizing the importance of emotional freedom and the power of self-awareness. Kahn’s approach blends deep spiritual wisdom with practical guidance, offering tools for navigating life’s challenges with grace and humor.

His books, including the spiritual classic ‘Whatever Arises, Love That’ and his other recorded teachings have inspired millions, earning him a dedicated following worldwide. Kahn’s message is simple yet profound: embrace every moment with love and kindness to unveil the divine within. His ability to translate complex spiritual concepts into accessible, everyday wisdom makes him a beloved figure in the world of contemporary spirituality.

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