"Money is just money. It's not judging you, but we spend so much time judging money."

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Join Dr Espen as he interviews the remarkable Simone Milasas, a renowned business leader, bestselling author, and global speaker. Simone shares her story from being $187,000 in debt to becoming a multimillionaire with a diverse portfolio, all while maintaining joy and enthusiasm in her professional life. Discover the importance of joy in business and how it can lead to greater success. Understand the power of intuition in making business decisions and scaling your empire; gain insights into the art of relaxation and how it can prevent burnout and stress; and explore the concept of receiving and how it can open doors to unexpected


00:01:23 – Journey from Debt to Wealth

00:02:16 – The Importance of Joy in Business

00:06:06 – The Hustle Mentality vs. Joyful Business

00:09:07 – The Power of Taking Breaks and Asking Questions

00:11:13 – The Foundation of a Joyful Business

00:13:43 – From Debt to Multi-Millionaire: Simone’s Strategy

00:15:06 – Changing Your Point of View on Money

00:19:07 – The Simple Act of Receiving

00:21:54 – Strategies for Starting and Scaling a Business

00:24:54 – Adapting Business Strategies to Current Trends

00:26:06 – Addressing Challenges in Business

00:27:30 – Considering When to Close or Pivot a Business

00:30:21 – The Fear of Success and Embracing Wealth

00:32:45 – The ‘Who Does This Belong To?’ Tool

00:33:59 – The Importance of Being in Question

00:37:20 – The Role of Intuition in Business Decisions

00:38:36 – Synchronicities as Signs of Being in Flow

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Simone Milasas


Simone Milasas, a dynamic leader from Australia, is transforming global business with joy. As the founder of Joy of Business and an acclaimed author and speaker, Simone’s journey from debt to success inspires millions. Through Access Consciousness, she teaches how joy and conscious choices create abundance. With her bestselling book “Joy of Business” in 11 languages, Simone empowers others to embrace joy and change for a better world.

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