”If you hang out with happy people, you get happier. If you hang out with sad people, you get sadder. If you hang out with judgmental people, you start judging more.”

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In this episode, Dr Espen had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Dain Heer, a renowned author, speaker, and co-creator of Access Consciousness. Dr. Dain shared his inspiring journey from a place of deep despair and suicidal thoughts to becoming a best-selling author and a beacon of positivity and transformation.


00:00:00 – Introduction to Access Consciousness and Personal Transformation

00:05:30 – Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Embracing Self-Acceptance

00:10:21 – Understanding Energy and Life Force for Success

00:15:40 – Harnessing Energy and Awareness for Personal Growth

00:21:52 – Clearing Negative Energy and Limiting Beliefs

00:26:58 – Visualization and Actualization of Desired Outcomes

00:35:49 – Utilizing Energy and Awareness for Business Success

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Dr. Dain Heer


Dr Dain Heer is an author, change-maker, speaker, and co-creator of Access Consciousness, one of the largest personal development companies practiced in 176 countries. He is also the founder of International Being You Day. 

For over twenty years, Dain has traveled the world, sharing unique insights on happiness, relationships, and more. Growing up in the ghetto in Los Angeles, he was exposed to constant abuse however he never chose to be a victim. In his talks and workshops, Dain uses a set of tools and provides step by step energetic processes to get people out of the conclusions and judgements that are keeping them stuck on a cycle of no choice and no change – leading them into moments of awe that they have the power to change anything. 

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