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In this episode, Dr Espen delves deep into the understanding of intuition with the celebrated author and intuitive guide, Sonia Choquette. Join them as they explore the power of intuition, consciousness, and spirituality, and learn how to leverage your inner guidance to live an extraordinary life guided by your spirit. Discover how to tap into your inner senses, connect with divine sources, and elevate your consciousness.


00:00:00 – Episode trailer

00:00:55 – Guest Introduction: Sonia Choquette

00:03:18 – Defining Intuition and Inner Senses

00:06:50 – The Challenge of Trusting Intuition

00:11:12 – Sonia’s Approach to Elevating Consciousness

00:13:22 – Third to Fifth Dimension Consciousness

00:20:04 – Understanding Divine Source and Eternal Consciousness

00:23:14 – Sonia’s Take on Death and Eternal Life

00:29:03 – 21 Days to Jumpstart Your Intuition Book Introduction

00:35:15 – Sonia’s Message to the World

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Sonia Choquette


Sonia Choquette is a celebrated worldwide author, spiritual teacher, and intuitive guide who has devoted herself to teaching people to honor their Spirit, trust their vibes, and live in the grace and glory of an extraordinary Spirit-guided life. A fourth-generation intuitive guide who began her public work with Spirit at age 15, Sonia has spent over 45 years traveling the world on her mission to help others lead confident, authentic lives with intuition as their guiding light. She is the author of 27 internationally best-selling books and numerous audio programs on intuitive awakening, personal and creative growth, and spiritual transformation, most notably the New York Times bestseller The Answer Is Simple.


Sonia’s work has been published in over 40 countries and translated into 37 languages, making her one of the most widely read authors and experts in her field of work.


Sonia is an avid traveler, passionate dancer, prolific storyteller, and natural comedian. She prides herself on her endless pursuit of learning, growing, and living full-out every day. Sonia loves everything about Paris and currently calls it home.

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