“God is pure love. Pure love needs, expects, requires, and demands nothing in return.”


In this episode, Dr Espen engages in a profound conversation with the renowned author Neale Donald Walsch, best known for his internationally bestselling series “Conversations with God”. In this episode, Neale shares his incredible journey from personal despair to spiritual awakening, detailing the events that led him to channel the wisdom of the divine into written form.


Neale delves into the six steps to having your own conversation with God, the importance of redefining our understanding of the divine, and how embracing the concept of ‘pure love’ can revolutionize our world. Whether you’re seeking healing, a deeper relationship with the divine, or simply curious about the messages that have touched millions of lives, this episode promises to be a catalyst for personal transformation.


00:01:10 Neale Donald Walsch’s introduction

00:03:11 Neale’s personal journey and awakening

00:07:36 The turning point in Neale’s life

00:09:00 Living on the street and the path to Conversations with God

00:14:47 The impact of Conversations with God series

00:17:06 Neale’s experience with marriage and learning about love

00:21:27 Introducing Neale’s new book, God Talk

00:35:05 The six steps to having a conversation with God

00:45:37 The concept of pure love and The God Solution

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Neale Donald Walsch has written 40 books on contemporary spirituality and its practical application in everyday life, including his new book GodTalk: Experiences of Humanity’s Connections with a Higher Power, a book in the Common Sentience book series. Neale is the bestselling author of the Conversations with God series, in which seven of the nine books made the New York Times bestseller list. Book One remained on that list for 134 weeks. His titles have been translated into 37 languages and have been read by millions of people around the world.

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