“The beauty way is recognizing our true nature, that we come from creation, that we are part of nature, we are part of the earth."

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In this episode, Dr Espen interviews Samart, a New Earth visionary and spiritual guide, about the sacredness of life and how to reconnect with our true nature. They delve into indigenous prophecies, the importance of living in alignment with the divine, and practical steps to make our lives a living ceremony. 

Samart shares her wisdom and offers simple rituals and practices to help us honor ourselves and the natural world. Tune in to discover the beauty of the sacred life and live in alignment with your true nature.


02:11 – Samart’s Introduction and Integrity

03:08 – Reconnecting to Spirit

06:35 – Understanding the Beauty Way

09:06 – Quantum Science and Living a Sacred Life

10:06 – Claiming Goodness and Aligning with Divine Presence

13:07 – Practical Steps to Align with Nature

15:08 – The Impact of Personal Health on the Planet

16:42 – Steps After Recognizing Harmful Habits

17:21 – Samart’s Experience with Ceremonies and Teachings

19:17 – Indigenous Prophecies and Hope for Humanity

22:38 – The Role of Indigenous Prophecies in Today’s World

25:26 – The Sacred Life Program Overview

30:07 – The Importance of Claiming a Better Future

31:11 – The Impact of Individual Change on the Collective

33:44 – The Prophecy of the Seven Fires Explained

39:25 – Details of The Sacred Life Program

46:50 – Samart’s Message to the World

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Samart Sky


Samart is a multifaceted individual, embodying the roles of a medicine woman, mother, musician, shamanic healer, and ceremonial leader. Her journey along the path of Sacred Medicines spans nearly three decades, during which she has passionately guided individuals towards holistic well-being for over 15 years. Rooted in Canada, she draws strength from earth-based indigenous teachings, intertwining the wisdom of North and South American traditions. Samart envisions uniting the prophecies of the Condor and the Eagle with the Black Cockatoo, symbolizing global unity through an awareness of Unity Consciousness. Committed to the realization of ancient prophecies, she serves as a conduit for people to reconnect with the Sacredness of Life and their True Divine Nature. Endorsed by indigenous elders, Samart carries the blessings of the Sacred Chakana Altar and holds the titles of an initiated Roadwoman of Teokalli Quetzalcoatl Altar, a Moondancer, Vision Quester, and Sweatlodge conductor. Known as Oceloyolotzin, ‘The Little Jaguar with the Big Heart,’ she exudes a loving yet powerful and direct approach in guiding individuals on their journey of self-discovery.

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