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Join Dr Espen in this enlightening conversation with Stu Massengill, an international speaker, coach and a Tony Robbins peak performance trainer. In this episode, we dive deep into the art of transforming your life, moving from a place of stagnation to a life filled with passion, purpose, and peak performance.

Stu shares his personal journey from being a shy, introverted individual to becoming a world-renowned coach and speaker. He provides actionable insights on how to raise your standards, shift your belief systems, and surround yourself with people who elevate you. Whether you’re stuck in a job you dislike or you’re looking to scale new heights in your career, this episode is packed with strategies to help you break through your limitations and achieve success.


00:01:55 – Stu’s introduction and background

00:02:09 – Discussing the dissatisfaction in jobs and careers

00:05:35 – The importance of belief systems in achieving an extraordinary life

00:07:59 – The power of standards in personal growth

00:13:02 – Lessons learned from working with Tony Robbins

00:17:09 – The process of changing limiting beliefs

00:23:22 – The significance of having a coach and accountability partner

00:26:19 – How to choose the right coach for you

00:29:32 – Tracking progress and improvement with a coach

00:32:57 – The rapid expansion of the coaching industry

00:36:25 – Becoming a coach and finding your unique coaching niche

00:41:14 – The hero’s journey and finding purpose through challenges

00:44:13 – The role of certifications and results in coaching

00:45:33 – Stu’s biggest lessons from his podcast and coaching experiences

00:48:31 – The importance of connecting to source and inner guidance

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Stu Massengill


Stu Massengill is an international speaker, coach, podcast host of Finding Direction and a Tony Robbins peak performance trainer who’s conducted over 2,000 trainings all over the world. With an unwavering commitment to unlock human potential, Stu’s mission is to help people do work they are passionate about, reach their highest potential and smash any limitations that get in the way.

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