"Unlike spiritual systems based on give and take, encountering Christ fills us with pure, life-giving energy."


In this episode, Dr Espen is joined with Christian Mystic and Master Coach John Grant Harvey on a profound exploration of Mystical Christianity’s capacity to unveil the intricacies of our reality, centered around unmasking the matrix. They navigate through the essence of Christ’s love, emphasizing mystical Christianity’s pivotal role in personal transformation and encounters with the divine. Delving into quantum science, they uncover the profound connection between our spiritual existence and our energetic consciousness. John advocates for a deeper spiritual encounter and the significance of discerning pure spiritual light. Shifting focus to the matrix, they discuss its persuasive structures and how mystical Christianity serves as a liberating pathway, freeing individuals from these constructs and fostering a profound connection with the Creator.


[00:03:09] What is Mystical Christianity?

[00:06:04] Personal Relationship with Christ and Spirit

[00:08:05] Discerning True Spiritual Power

[00:09:06] The Dangers of Misusing Spiritual Power

[00:12:50] The Unconditional Love of Christ

[00:14:55] Approaching Christ with an Open Mind

[00:16:59] Unmasking the Matrix with Mystical Christianity

[00:19:06] Are We Living in a Hologram?

[00:20:27] Freeing Ourselves from the Matrix

[00:22:27] The Ultimate Biohack: Connection to God

[00:24:09] The Essenes and the Mystical Side of Jesus

[00:29:05] Validity and Power of the Bible

[00:31:33] How to Know You’re Connecting with Jesus

[00:33:07] The Return of Christ

[00:35:31] Current World Changes and Spiritual Awakening

[00:39:43] The Return of Christ in Us

[00:42:39] Personal Encounter with Christ

[00:47:18] Gratitude and the Impact of Christ in Life

[00:49:53] Christ’s Foreknowledge of Us

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John Grant Harvey


As a Christian mystic and Master coach John specializes in clearing personal blockages and connecting people to their spirit. Having worked with a wide range of leaders from the slums of India to some of the biggest sporting and speaking stages in the world, John is passionate about the people he works with and seeing them become the ultimate version of themselves.

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