“The entire process of how we see reality is an illusion."


In this episode, Dr Espen explores the topic of the pineal gland and its role in human awakening. He discusses how toxins and external factors can dampen this gland, limiting our potential. But fear not, Dr Espen also uncover ways to overcome these obstacles and tap into our true power. 

Tune in to discover how to activate the pineal gland and unlock your full potential.


[00:00:00] Episode trailer

[00:03:02] The Pineal Gland

[00:08:27] Activate pineal gland for enlightenment

[00:07:56] Tap water sedative effects

[00:12:42] Career, vocation, and mission

[00:14:10] The illusion of separation blocks enlightenment

[00:17:03] Unity consciousness and humanity

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