Think of organs the same way you think of engines. The engine is the heart of the car. To last long, it needs regular maintenance. Our bodies have organs. A lot of moving and rotating parts and needs to be lubricated. Water is to organs as oil is to engines. But more than that, as you drive along, the power of lubricants gradually degrades. If you continue driving much longer, the friction slowly increases causing mechanical wear. Contamination occurs. It slowly builds up inside the throttle body and on the valves. Without regular oil change, your car will eventually stop running.

Cleansing works pretty much the same. You need a cleanse same way as engines need an oil change. The best approach for addressing the root cause of poor health is through regular body cleansing.

Degenerative health conditions typically result from your body becoming so contaminated with toxic waste that your internal self-healing mechanism loses its ability to keep your body healthy. Most people absorb thousands of health depleting toxins every day from genetically modified foods, microwavable foods, refined sugar, air, caffeine even stress.

Optimal health comes from regular body cleansing and reducing your daily toxin intake. Also, the type of environment you’re in plays a crucial role. Regular cleaning and proper garbage disposal helps. Start what you see on the outside and work your way in. As for the insides, a full body cleanse once in a while will not only reset your entire system but also help them work perform faster. You can  before and after effect is almost immediate. Here’s a look at our three-prong cleanses that you can start on today:

Colon Cleanse
This encourages the body’s natural cleaning process. But it’s undermined by food unconsciousness. When we say unconsciousness, we mean not paying attention to where the food we’re about to swallow actually comes from. How it’s made and what might be in it. And usually packaged foods are stripped off of fiber, which is what the colon badly needs to clean up. You can start infusing that much needed fiber to your colon by eating fiber-rich food. Start with simple to do cleanses like mixing fiber powder with your favorite fruits in a breakfast smoothie. At least 20-40 mg of fiber each day to help your body move food and waste quickly. Remember when they get “stuck”, they cause problems. Cleansing helps lubricate that process effectively.

Liver Cleanse
In charge of detoxifying the blood, create bile to digest fat, break down hormones and store iron, our liver must perform its functions well to take care of our bodies. It’s the organ that gets the most exposure to toxins. If you eat processed foods, it goes straight to your liver. Chemicals are a large part of it. They make them last longer and give that “new” appearance. If you can stop eating this type of food right away and go for home-cooked or prep meals instead, you’d give your liver a much-deserved break from all the toxins fast food brings.

Kidney Cleanse
Flushing out your kidneys cannot be emphasized enough. You can do so by taking in lots of liquids. Cranberry juice has always been the superhero of all things kidney. Fruits as well like apples and vegetables like onions will do the work for you too.

All in all, a body cleanse is a challenge but not to be taken lightly. You would need to consult your doctor before venturing into one to avoid any kind of complications. The goal is to help the body not to break it. If you can do the cleanse under the supervision and care of a health specialist, that would speed up the process of you reaping the healthy benefits cleansing can bring.