Transforming your body is not hard. Anyone can do it. You’ve probably seen countless of videos, living  testaments of people that support this statement. But it’s done not without difficulty. It requires consistency and dedication. It needs a certain amount of sacrifice. Like giving up on some of your favourite dishes at your local restaurant and trade them off for portioned homemade meals instead. Mostly you give up on things that are fun like alcohol and ice cream. Then there’s the added arduous hours of exercise at the gym. It’s exhausting. It’s grueling work.

But remember that time is going to pass you by just as fast whether you’re going to do it or not. The question  is: Who do you want to be 6-8 months from now?

If you want to be in good shape, then don’t wait any longer. Let’s get it on today. It’s a matter of eliminating all excuses and committing to one pointed determination: the person you want to be.

Like any effective plan, the 2016 you needs a platform that can guide you. One that you must be fully committed to. Start with a fitness calendar. Most people when they go to work they fill out their calendars and start with their urgent tasks to the not so urgent ones. After that comes the time they set for nutrition or fitness even family. Insert those somewhere they won’t disrupt their work priorities. Adding one here and another there. Essentially, prioritising everything else first before themselves.  

A lot of us have the tendency to put other people first. For your fitness calendar to work, you must put yourself in a scenario similar to a plane that’s about to crash and all you have is your oxygen mask dangling in front of you. The same principle applies: we take care of ourselves first.

On your calendar, be very specific about the goals. Write down exactly the fitness level you want to achieve.  Once you’ve done that, then you populate each regimen in order to achieve that level to your calendar. Put them on your must-do list above everything else.

When you’re about to start your fitness regimen, you’ll realize that there is such a thing as perceived boundaries and actual boundaries. Whatever fitness goals you’ve set your mind on that you want to achieve over the next few months, you need someone very knowledgeable to guide you in your fitness journey. Having a personal coach will help you  to stay on track, stick with the plan and ensure that you don’t end up wasting your time. Having a nutritionist is equally important as you don’t want to put on empty weight by eating empty food. You need someone who can help you eat right to build and allow you to maximize the training you’re undergoing.
They say success is a quiet set of daily tasks. Really small devoid of conceit and at times even of pleasure. Just stick with the plan you’ve set out for yourself. Do them daily. No excuses. Soon you’ll become the fit person you’ve always seen yourself to be. That’s all there is to it. Now, it’s our secret, feel free to share.

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