How do you become fit?

The first step is to find something that you absolutely love to do. I can tell you to sign up for a gym membership, start practising yoga, or go for a run every day; but if you don’t like it, what are the odds of you continuing to do it? What you need is an activity that inspires and motivates you!

Next, take a step forward. Make sure you can be 100% committed to your workout. At this point, you will need a solid program and a fitness mentor who will motivate and encourage you throughout your journey. Find a person you look up to, an expert who will impart his vast knowledge and experience to help you reach your ultimate fitness goals.

Now, let me teach you about the Fitness and Rest Principle. It’s quite simple. Contrary to what most people believe, you don’t get fitter simply by going to the gym or running laps and making puddles of sweat. That’s just a small part of the big picture! You actually become stronger and healthier when you recover from your workout.

If I wanna increase my muscle mass, I’ll go the gym and tear those muscle fibres apart. That’s called breakdown. One the workout is over and I’m home, I eat my nice raw, organic food, drink the best protein shake in the world, and get enough rest to repair my muscles. This is when they grow. The same principle applies to yoga, running and any type of strenuous physical activity.

It’s important to acknowledge the importance of both breakdown and repair. A breakdown is when you push your body to its limits. When you rest and allow your body to repair itself, you build up past that threshold a little bit further. That’s how you become a better version of yourself. That’s what’s called fitness.

One of the most common problems we see in the fitness industry these days are people who overtrain. Very often they are also undernourished and rarely get enough rest. I’ve made my life’s mission to help them make better choices and achieve optimal health in all aspects of life.

Allow me to impart these simple, albeit often overlooked, pieces of advice. Get at least seven hours of sleep at night; drink plenty of clean water; maintain a balanced diet of raw, organic and whole foods; and train according to your body type and capabilities. Do what you love to do under the mentorship of a good coach. There’s a huge difference between breakdown and repair, and you need both to become truly fit.

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