7 Tips for Accomplishing More Every Day

How do you spend most of your time? When you’re not working or spending time with your family and friends, what keeps you busy? Can you say for certain that you are making the most of every single day? If you’re reluctant to say yes, something clearly needs to change. Here are seven simple steps […]

The Effective Goal Setting Strategy That Works!

Let’s paint a scene together. It’s New Years. January 1st. You’re angry that you’re at exactly the same place you were last year and swear in declaration that from this day forward you’re going to be different. A changed man. A changed woman. Unfortunately, only 8% of you will end up sticking to this goal […]

How To Make Money And Get To Heaven At The Same Time!

Let’s talk financial abundance and the Contribution Concept. Two topics many see as conflicting. Are they really though? The dictionary defines abundance as simply a large quantity of something. So in this case a large quantity of money. The Contribution Concept? Combining the human needs of growth and connection to influence other people and the […]

The Sales Strategy That Works

Learn how combining the art of sales with body language, NLP and masterful communication is a powerful shortcut to success!

How To Create A Powerful Vision Board

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is over and just like clockwork, semblances of resolutions are forming in the back of your mind. You know, those ones we’ve all made a million times like, ‘eat healthier’, ‘save money’, ‘drink less’, and ‘exercise more’, but there is something different… In the aftermath of […]

The Sales Strategy That Works

Think of sales strategy in terms of skateboarding. When you skateboard, you have to gain momentum. After figuring out which foot you’re more comfortable with to place in front, usually the left for most regular skateboarders, you use the right foot to push forward. This takes energy and effort to move the board while maintaining […]

Selling With Soul

There is a direct congruency between our spiritual values and financial independence. How do these two marry up and how do they work? As a humble servant leader, my job is to teach the world how to live in an abundant healthy life. This mindset is anchored on my highest values which include education and […]

Motivational Monday: The Mindset of a Winner

Believe it or not, the very same qualities you see in them can also be found within you. How do I know this? People who share common traits tend to recognise them in each other. In fact, we have a tendency to forge connections with people who are genetically similar to us in ways that […]