The short answer is yes, it  can.

Setting strict limitations on your food intake seems like the smartest way to shed some weight, but it can actually expand your waistline.

If you jump on a strict diet trend without proper planning and preparation, here’s a quick look at what can happen.

It can cause an imbalance in your metabolism.
Following a restrictive meal plan might not be good for your metabolic rate. Diets that make you cut your daily calorie intake drastically without an adjustment period; have little room for healthy fatty acids and complex carbohydrates; let you eat any amount of “allowed” foods without paying attention to your total calorie intake – these are good examples of counterproductive trends that can adversely impact your metabolism and set your weight loss goals back .

It can make you overeat.
Many counterproductive diet trends will make you set an ultimatum for yourself. Because of their rigidity and inflexibility, one small slip up on your end could make you feel like a failure and be tempted to revert to unhealthier eating habits. While there’s no doubt that consistency is essential to weight loss, you also need some wiggle room every now and then. Choose a diet you’re sure you can follow. If you slip up, don’t be discouraged – address it and improve your approach.

It can make you eat foods you can’t stand.
Diets that demand foods you can’t stand could make you feel dissatisfied and deprived. In the long run, this can result in a rapid release of the stress hormone cortisol, stronger cravings, and a weaker willpower. If your current diet consists mainly of foods you don’t enjoy, ask yourself if you truly want to continue it.

You can enjoy food and still lose weight – it’s just a matter of finding the right balance.

With a positive mindset, commitment, and dedication, a lot of good can come out of dieting. If you are able to stick to a great diet that’s backed by research, there’s no doubt that your health will improve. But of course, you must remember that, for the most part, diets are temporary trends with temporary results! Sure, there are numerous diet trends that will help you shed unwanted weight and do wonders for your health, but none of them is a  one-size-fits-all solution to your nutrition woes!

So what’s the key to achieving optimal health? If diet trends have a track record of being ineffective, what should you do to take your health and well-being to the next level?

The answer is a long-term and sustainable nutritional lifestyle change. Instead of hopping from one diet trend to another, take a step towards eliminating the recurring lifestyle problems that keep you from living life to the fullest.

If your busy schedule keeps you from maintaining an active lifestyle, here’s  how to make time for exercise. If you’re often reluctant to eat natural, organic foods, check out these  cheap and easy ways to up the health factor of your foods!

Diets can be really great, but they are temporary. Change your lifestyle and tread a path towards a HAPPIER and HEALTHIER YOU!