7 Foods that Cause Bloating and What to Eat Instead

The holidays are not just a time for being with our loved ones, relaxing and having fun. For most of us, it’s also a time for delicious food. However, some of us tend to forget to pace ourselves, eat in excess, and end up with bloating. This condition can be so uncomfortable that it can […]

Why You Need To Give Your Gut A Break

Even if you don’t have digestive issues, or you think you don’t have digestive issues, gut problems are related to so many health issues. We keep our digestive tract occupied on a daily basis. We consume 3 meals plus snacks at times. An average person would take about 100,000 pounds of food in a single […]

What’s Gut Got To Do With It

Every day the body goes through a certain amount of wear and tear. What we intake and what we flush out have direct effects on our biological form. And most of the processes that your body undergoes on a daily basis happen in the gut. It is important to understand the role your gut takes […]