How Long Should Your Workout Be?

How many hours do you spend in the gym? Do you think you’ve been devoting more time to your workout regimen than necessary? Your body could be telling you that you need to start taking it easy, and with good reason. You see, your hormone levels can be drastically affected by the length and intensity […]

How to Ease Your Way Into Exercise

When it comes to working out, many of us are no stranger to excuses. It can be so easy to come up with all sorts of reasons not to go on a run or sign up for a gym membership. But once we take the leap and finish the first workout session, we realise that […]

How To Lose Weight – The 3 Steps To Boosting Your Metabolism

So many of us struggle with losing weight. Not because we don’t want to do the work, but mostly because we just don’t have the time to do it. Some people can burn fat even though they’re not moving their bodies a lot while some barely tip the scale even after doing intense workouts. This […]

Fitness Motivation – The Secret To Fitness Success

Transforming your body is not hard. Anyone can do it. You’ve probably seen countless of videos, living testaments of people that support this statement. But it’s done not without difficulty. It requires consistency and dedication. It needs a certain amount of sacrifice. Like giving up on some of your favourite dishes at your local restaurant […]

Your Comprehensive Guide to High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an improved type of interval training. Also known as high-intensity intermittent exercise, this exercise strategy alternates short bursts of intense exercises with less-intense recovery periods. Sessions may last 4-30 minutes, depending on the person’s goals and fitness level. Doing quick, intense bursts with short resting periods can do wonders for […]

5 Simple Tips to Help You Make Time for Exercise

When you’re always on a tight schedule, setting aside enough time for exercise can be a real challenge. In fact, many people who are so eager to become healthier and stronger never get around to workout out because they’re convinced that they’re too busy. If you’re having trouble balancing regular workouts with other responsibilities, here […]