EP5: Unmasking The Matrix – Special Edition | John Grant Harvey


“There are many streams that make up a matrix, but it’s definitely important to be aware of what it is so that we can reclaim a lot of our power back from the matrixes that we live within.” John Grant Harvey Tweet IN THIS EPISODE  Dr Espen Hjalmby and John Grant Harvey delve into the […]

EP4: The Science of DMT: How It Works and How to Apply It


“Meditation is not a luxury, meditation is a necessity.” Dr Espen Tweet IN THIS EPISODE Dr Espen explores the controversial topic of DMT or dimethyltryptamine. He discusses how DMT occurs naturally in our bodies, as well as in animals and plants. Dr Espen delves into the science behind DMT, its potential applications, and the risks […]

EP3: Finding Your Pathway To Truth | Remi (Sharon) Pearson


“Our true self is filled with those characteristics, your personality may have those characteristics, but that still isn’t the true self.” Remi (Sharon) Pearson Tweet IN THIS EPISODE Dr Espen interviews Remy Sharon Pearson, a renowned coach and author. They discuss the importance of co-regulation in childhood and how it impacts our ability to self-regulate. […]

EP2: What You Need To Know In Order To Grow – The Magnetism Of The Heart | Dr Espen


“When you find the answers, you transform from within.” Dr Espen Tweet IN THIS EPISODE Dr Espen explores the power of the heart center and its impact on relationships, spirituality, self-love, and personal development. He discusses the connection between the physical and energetic aspects of the heart, including the magnetic and electrical fields. Dr Espen […]

EP1: Discover Your True Highest Values with Dr John F. Demartini


“Give yourself permission to shine, not shrink, and give yourself permission to stand on the shoulders of giants and not in the shadows of anyone.” Dr John Demartini Tweet IN THIS EPISODE Dr Espen interviews the influential Dr John Demartini, a specialist in human behavior. They discuss personal development, quantum science, consciousness, spirituality, health, business, and […]