What Makes Fat-Soluble Vitamin D the Superhero of All Vitamins

Vitamin D is the ultimate regulator. It regulates calcium metabolism, immune function, reduces inflammation and protects against cancer. Vitamin D has always been referred to as a nutrient that your body absorbs when you spend more time in the sun or outdoors. Most medical practitioners agree that Vitamin D behaves more like a steroid hormone […]

When to Start Taking Supplements

When should I start using supplements? I come across this question quite often. And the answer that applies to almost everyone who asks is as soon as you can. Supplements are designed to help you meet your nutrient needs by making up for what you lack in your diet, thus helping you fulfill your health […]

Wake Up Happy With These 10 Mood Boosting Nutrients

There are many ways eating can make you happy. It’s not just the taste of your favourite snacks and meals that can put a smile on your face. Getting a good fix of the right vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids can also do wonders for your mood. Here’s a quick look at 10 nutrients that […]

3 Ways to Know It’s Time to Change Your Protein Powder

A lot of those who are serious about building muscle and burning fat rely on protein powders to make the long road ahead much easier to traverse. Unfortunately, the supplement world is often full of hype and misinformation. Once you’ve figured out when to start taking supplements, how can you choose the best product for […]