The Secret to a Positive Life: Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity refers to the changes in neural pathways and synapses caused by all sorts of changes in neural processes, environment, behaviour, emotions, and even bodily injury. Aside from playing a crucial role in both learning and memory, it has a direct impact on how we act in any given situation. Quote by […]

Living a More Confident Life

A happy and healthy life requires confidence, but a lot of people struggle to master this essential ingredient. Some of them spend much of their time worrying about various aspects of themselves and the world around them, while others look outside themselves for ways to feel better. What these people have yet to realise is […]

How We Wire Our Brains Into Body Shaming

It’s human to feel shame, but it’s completely unacceptable to make someone feel ashamed about the way they look. The act of making someone feel ashamed just because they look a certain way is known as body shaming and it is indeed a serious problem. Unfortunately, many of us unknowingly do this to ourselves, because […]

Are You Living a Life of Personal Empowerment?

There’s more to it than just feeling powerful. By its very definition, personal empowerment is not simply something you feel, but something you demonstrate. To be empowered is to have the ability to take control of different aspects of your life, and influence everything and everyone around you. It’s about being aware of what makes […]

The Law Of Attraction And Scientific Prayer

Where energy goes, energy grows, energy flows. The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives where we place our energy. Regardless of age, nationality, religious belief we’re all a spirit expressed through human form and susceptible to laws which govern the Universe and success. Asking the universe for what you want, […]

How To Create A Powerful Vision Board

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is over and just like clockwork, semblances of resolutions are forming in the back of your mind. You know, those ones we’ve all made a million times like, ‘eat healthier’, ‘save money’, ‘drink less’, and ‘exercise more’, but there is something different… In the aftermath of […]