Why Do We Suffer?

When you say, feel or think that you want something YOU DON’T GET IT!

What Is Awareness?

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I once met a man who spoke 33 different languages (yes true story) and THIS is how you can go Quantum ⚛ in ANY AREA OF YOUR LIFE! (2)

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How Do You Know If You Are Healthy?

Oh, my is this not the most important question we can ever ask ourselves and our family? Since you’re reading this chances are high that you already are a Wellness Warrior, but have you ever considered this questions: How do we actually...

CAUSE AND EFFECT – What Is Really A Symptom?

Cause or effect? Symptom or problem? Prevention or concealment? Are we in the business of health care or sick care? When there’s a fire do you treat the smoke or the fire? I would hope you’d treat the fire. Common sense right. But why then...

The Effective Goal Setting Strategy That Works!

Let’s paint a scene together. It’s New Years. January 1st. You’re angry that you’re at exactly the same place you were last year and swear in declaration that from this day forward you’re going to be different. A changed man. A changed...

The Law Of Attraction And Scientific Prayer

Where energy goes, energy grows, energy flows. The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives where we place our energy. Regardless of age, nationality, religious belief we’re all a spirit expressed through human form and...

NLP Communication Mastery

We are our nervous system. Have you ever noticed how our moods or states can be affected by a particular sound, smell or even another experience. This is because we anchor our experiences in different ways. Our bodies can be primed to...