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From Dr Espen Hjalmby
Gold Coast, Australia

The Quantum Experience is a Live Webinar Experience that takes you on a journey into the Quantum Field by explaining the science and application of Consciousness. This will help you to discover what is truly possible when you start living from your Heart instead of your Head.

Find out how to transform all 8 areas of your life and heal from within by tapping into the infinite and scientifically proven universal energy. This can only truly be experienced when you learn how to live in the magic of the present moment and how to free your mind and body of the emotional baggage that has been controlling you for years. It’s time to liberate yourself from the conditioned negative patterns, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that have been holding you back until NOW.


  • How to use the Power of the Quantum Field (also known as Consciousness) to integrate Spiritual and Scientific principles into your life
  • How you can experience a Quantum Upgrade in all 8 areas of your life
  • How to break the habit of being your old limited self (the Ego) and step into the energy of your SOUL (State Of Unconditional Love) to create the life that is waiting for you on the other side
  • How to Master The Art Of Meditation
  • How a shift in your Consciousness creates a shift in your Life.
  • How to eliminate your personal abundance blocks and manifest financial wealth
  • How to Integrate Self Love into your life
THE QUANTUM EXPERIENCE ONLINE is for you, if you are tired of living in the rut and feeling disconnected from your true self and the divine source of intelligence that governs all matter and energy in the universe.

THE QUANTUM EXPERIENCE ONLINE is for you, if you are spiritually curious and somehow feel that there is so much more to life than what you are experiencing right now

THE QUANTUM EXPERIENCE ONLINE delivers simple and effective strategies to break free from the limiting conditioning that ourselves and others have placed upon us. This allows us to be liberated of the thoughts, feelings and patterns standing in between us and the life we have the potential to experience and fall in love with all over again.

Unlike most other training and seminars that deliver content based on the Mind, THE QUANTUM EXPERIENCE ONLINE delivers you the art, science and philosophy of the Heart. When you learn to fully live with an open heart, it will change your perception of everything around you, and everything around you changes to match the heart. And that space, my friend, is a magical place to live.

THE QUANTUM EXPERIENCE ONLINE is specifically customised as a beginners platform for people who want to expand their consciousnesses and experience a breakthrough in one or more of the 8 areas of your life.


Dr Espen Hjalmby is a neuroscientist, media personality, speaker, qualified teacher and healer. He went from 2 broken legs and a near-death hospital infection to heal himself from the inside out. He then became a successful “SoulPreneur”, Australian Ninja Warrior finalist, teacher and a loving father.

As a well-known researcher and quantum coach, Dr Espen teaches his students the same tools that he used to overcome a lot more than just Ninja Warrior obstacles in his own life…

Despite finding his little brother Kevin passed away in his room when Espen was 5 years old and growing up with severe learning disabilities which ultimately resulted in 3 failed businesses, Dr. Espen didn’t give up.

Later in 2006 he broke both his legs in a motorbike accident and almost died from the acquired hospital infection.

Dr Espen’s story is the perfect example of how anyone can overcome obstacles in their life, no matter how big they are and achieve greatness – and so can you!

10 years later, Dr Espen is:

  • Was the co-founder of the Bonfire Health Group – Australasia’s biggest hot yoga and multidisciplinary wellness centres
  • The CEO of Dr Espen Enterprises – a Conscious Education Company that specialises in high-level “quantum science” business and life coaching, with clients in over 12 countries
  • A health and fitness figure around the world.

His curiosity and commitment to combining the universal laws of

⚛ Quantum Physics (The Mystical)

🧠 Self-development (The Science)

🧘‍♂️ Meditation (The Application)

has brought his signature event THE QUANTUM EXPERIENCE all around the world. We are now delivering this powerful and transformational Experience STRAIGHT TO YOUR HOME with a 2 hour LIVE WEBINAR


“When you attend your Free Online Quantum Experience Webinar, you will learn a revolutionary technique that’s taking the personal development world to a whole new level”

The Truth is that “Life Happens For You, Not To You”. Life’s events constantly show us how we can Transcend the Traumas of the past and go from being a Victim of our History to a Master of our Destiny by simply changing what we BELIEVE.

In fact…

“In the Pit Is Where The Purpose Is Revealed” And “In The Trauma Is Where The Transformation Begins”

So if you want to:

  1. Find Your Purpose
  2. Heal And Transform
  3. Let Go Of the Past
  4. Learn The Newest In Quantum Science To Create A Life By Your Own Conscious Design – you must look INWARDS and DO THE WORK!

The Quantum Experience Free Online Training is the perfect place to start!


“It’s been said that we can’t have it all, but Dr Espen proves that wrong”

The Today Show, Australia


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“We turned to Dr Espen to facilitate our event in Australia. His presence and love is beyond measure”

Founder of O&O Academy and Personal Mentor to Tony Robbins


“He inspires us daily (including our children); he listens and caters to each individual, wholeheartedly. Immediately after my first encounter with Dr. Espen my family and I were inspired to make some real-life changes, and we’ve never looked back.”

Mother and Wellness Advocate

Amber Thwaites


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