What Is Awareness – Dr Espen Hjalmby 2022

What Is Awareness?

On the topic of awareness, and the way I’ll be doing this today is by quoting some of the greatest researchers, scientists, sages, and philosophers of our time and the time before ours.

And then I’m going to bring my perspective into a couple of quotes and into this. And I wish that you sit down and be fully present and observe this and feel this if you’re not able to be fully present. Now make sure you bookmark this, come back to it, and watch it later. Because I truly believe that the video you are watching now or will be watching at some point in the future has the power to completely change your life.

I truly do believe that this video is fully aligned and congruent with the universal principles of quantum physics and consciousness, and that it can serve you in a way that really brings more love, more healing, more awareness, more consciousness, and more presence to every single area of your life. And those eight areas of life, which you’ll learn if you have a chance to come to the quantum experience, teach all around the world.

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