LET GO OF FEAR – A Meditation For SoulPreneurs

In this quick and powerful meditation, Dr Espen helps you let go of the fear of success, and well as the fear of failure.

“If you are not crucified, you are not on purpose”

Enjoy and share.

Welcome to your closed-eye guided meditation for personal empowerment, spiritual fulfillment, and the liberation of fear of failure and fear of success. Start by taking a big breath in through your nose, and as you exhale through your mouth, relax your body completely. Breathe in one more time through your nose, filling your lungs up with oxygen. Exhale, let go of everything.

As I take another deep breath, you continue to breathe slowly but deeply, you breathe in love and light and exhale any and all tension with every single breath. As we turn our attention and intention back within, we feel our hearts beating inside our chest. We know that this heart beats for us over 100,000 times every single day. We did not have to do anything for the heart. We didn’t have to earn it. We were simply blessed with a gift of life because we are supposed to be here in this moment at this time with your breath right here right now.

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