How to Unlock the Secrets to Success | Craig Siegel and Dr Espen Hjalmby | Dr E TV 2022

How to Unlock the Secrets to Success – Craig Siegel

Craig Siegel is a value – based and high energy Keynote Speaker and rising thought leader, as featured in Entrepreneur and endorsed by some of the world’s most well known celebrities, entertainers, athletes, and entrepreneurs, such as Rob Dyrdek, Ed Mylett, Bethany Hamilton, Suzanne Somers, Alicia Silverstone, and NFL Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins.

When the pandemic happened, Craig felt guided and left his lucrative and stable job on Wall Street and went all in with his passion and purpose to help people upgrade their mindset and fulfil their potential. Craig’s unique combination of energy, motivation, inspiration, charisma and business success has led to the meteoric rise of Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), a contagious, never before seen explosion that has impacted millions of lives worldwide.

“For the last 13 years before the pandemic, I was on Wall Street, did the stock thing, and then it was a lot of fun until it wasn’t and then I pivoted to my own business where we basically provided capital to small businesses all across the country and something I learned doctors in that journey in that season of life, and I think you can relate to this as well, is that as it turns out, making money doesn’t necessarily equal success, happiness does or how big of an impact you’re making and so forth.”

Removing limiting beliefs is the key to success in all areas of life. Most people feel unworthy, Craig helps people release the negative beliefs they have cultivated over time and implement positive and constructive thoughts, which then create powerful and positive beliefs which change your behaviours and ultimately, create brand new results in your relationships, business, and all facets of life.


Who was Craig before you became the person you are today?

What have been some of the biggest challenges for you up until this point?

What were some of the first steps you took to create what you have today?

What advice would you give to people who are wanting to achieve success?

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